Private Lessons Available

Available to Valley Christian Students
as well as homeschooled students
and students from other schools in the community

High School, Junior High or Elementary

To enroll in private lessons - on campus in the Conservatory building:


Contact Mary Creel in the Conservatory Office   408-362-7602


Private music instruction is offered in the Conservatory teaching studios (at an additional cost) by Valley Christian Conservatory faculty and adjunct faculty.

For a list of instruments, see the teacher list to the left.

Lessons are taught after-school on both the Leigh and Skyway campuses. 

Pull-out sessions for high school are offered based on availability. Pull-out sessions may occur during a student's HS performance ensemble period while at school, with the approval of the instructor. No in-class academic courses will be affected.

Students in the Conservatory Major/Minor Program are required to take 12 hours of private lessons per school year and will receive one unit of credit for every 6 hours of private instruction.

We believe a major component to any student's musical growth and success lies in consistent, rigorous private instruction. Encouraging our students to commit to private study is vital to our Conservatory's success, and we believe that personal, one-on-one instruction positively impacts the quality of our ensemble performances and in all areas of study as well.


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