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VCHS joins top local jazz performers in the annual festival sponsored by San Jose Jazz. See photos.
Both the Conservatory Chorus (mixed choir) and soloist Aurelia Vick were awarded the top award. They performed in the evening Command Performance & Sacred Choral Concert at the Capital Christian Center in Sacramento.
Morgan Lira's Memorial Service Sunday, March 29 at 6:30pm Church on the Hill 500 Sands Drive San Jose, CA 95125
Out of over 200 Jazz Bands competing at the festival at the University of Idaho, VCHS was chosen as one of 15 bands to perform at the Young Artists Showcase on the final evening.
5th Grade students spent the day at Walden West
Valley Christian DECA Chapter is proud to announce that twenty-two VCS students competed alongside 2500 DECA participants at CA DECA state competition and three of our students placed within top eight in their competition category.
Students visit Time Square, Central Park, the Intrepid Museum, and the 9/11 Museum. They take a cruise of the Hudson and East Rivers getting a look at Lady Liberty. They then end the day seeing the Broadway performance of Finding Neverland. Today's theme is - Freedom - "We thank God for the freedom we enjoy as Americans."
"We grieve, but not in the same way as those who have no hope," (1 Thessalonians 4:13).
Third grade students spent the day having fun learning science
Have you ever wondered how junior high students use the Node desks?
The prestigious Hilton Head International Piano Competition for Young Artists, held in South Carolina, featured 80 young musicians from around the world. Judges narrowed the field to the top 20. Elliot took First Place in the finals round on March 14.
In a microgravity environment such as that aboard the International Space Station, heat dissipation is a significant problem. Unlike on earth, heat does not rise to the ceiling where it can be collected (there is no convection). Electronic racks aboard the ISS use fans to blow out the hot air but collection remains a problem. The Valley Christian Junior High ISS experiment explores the behavior of heat "bubbles" in microgravity. Using capacitors to store a known amount of energy allows the young experimenters to calculate the amount of heat generated which is recorded and photographed using a heat sensitive liquid crystal film which changes color depending on the temperature. Photographing the film after a heat discharge allows heat dissipation to be tracked. Because of the microgravity, the students expect the heat bubble to stay around a lot longer than it would on earth, possibly causing a heat build up. Picture is of the final ground test earth photo taken by the Heat Dissipation Experiment (today 3/10/15 at 8:35AM).
The Chorale and the King's Men Ensemble performed during high school lunch in the Conservatory Student Life Center. See videos and
This years Rube Goldberg Competition was held on February 27. We had eight teams competing for the prizes of 1st place, $200, second place $140, and third place $100. The goal for this year was to utilize at least 10 machines, using at least one of each simple machine (pulley, wheel, lever, Incline plane, wedge and screw) to pour a drink.
In JH Photo class, students are creating a cupcake business. The objective is to learn how to photograph foods and think through all of the details in starting a business, from scratch (pun intended). We started the project by brainstorming necessary steps which included choosing location, hours, product, marketing, name, slogan or motto, and, of course, the Signature Cupcake. After watching an episode of "Cupcake Wars" for inspiration, students broke into groups of two and designed their menu and then frosted and decorated their cupcakes. Using a light box, students photographed their creations, checked them for clarity, and then enjoyed eating them. The next step is to create the business brochure with all the descriptions of what they will be serving, including that signature cupcake. Lastly, each group will present their "business" to the class. Using a rubric, their peers will judge which cupcake business is most likely to thrive and survive in the Bay Area. It's a great learning experience - and tasty, too!
Someya Bagai (8th)and Preethi Kumar (6th) were chosen for the 2015 American Choir Directors Association (ACDA)National Honor Choir. They performed at the national convention and also with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in their hall and the Tabernacle.
To learn more about our Summer Program offerings, please view this post and click on the Summer Programs brochure. Registration is now open!
The musical "Shrek" will perform March 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 at 7:30 and a matinee on March 28. Purchase tickets online: Click on EVENTS at the bottom, then TICKET SALES.
The Science Club dissected horseshoe crabs this week. We discussed how they look so prehistoric and really are not considered a crab. The students identified the specimens we used as females. Once they were opened one was loaded with eggs. God has truly blessed us with some incredibly unique creatures to enjoy!
On-line auditions were held for the 2015-16 Junior High and High School Worship Teams in February. Click here to see the results of the auditions.
Many parents struggle at least occasionally, and sometimes regularly, with their child over homework. Learn why the dynamics of homework have changed in recent years, what you can do to minimize homework stress, and how to help make homework time more positive for you and your child. Parents of K-12 students, please join us for this free, enlightening presentation by Margaret Dunlap, M.A., from Stanford's Challenge Success program. Ms. Dunlap has held roles in education leadership, teaching, and program management within public and private education for over 20 years.
This course is the core of the Slingerland training program. It is traditionally offered as a four-week summer session and includes a practicum with students. It can also be adapted into a four to six week in-year course.
Tara Abdi was named National Grand Champion in Junior Solos out of over 67 solos. Vivid was given the National Spirit Award out of 70 teams.
Eight VCHS Conservatory students, along with Mr. Coates, Mr. Balyout, and Mrs. Carlson drove to Hume Lake on Feb. 21 for the weekend winter camp.
America's most practical,effective and entertaining parenting program.
Fourteen Valley Christian High School Art Students have joined the nation-wide initiative to provide portraits to children and teens in orphanages around the world.
NPR's From the Top with host Christopher O'Riley will air this show in March.
A performance at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Opening Ceremonies on Feb. 14 and creation of a video application for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are scheduled for the combined Beijing/VCS marching band/Open Air Ensemble. The Junior High Quest Band will also participate.
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