Community Service Graduation Requirements

Community Service Information (2011-2012)

Community Service: Upon entering Valley Christian High School, students commit to completing 25 hours of Community Service each year June – May. 10 hours are to be completed by the end of the first semester (Due December 1st) and the remaining 15 hours are to be completed by the end of the second semester (Due May 2nd).

For all students, 10 hours must be completed with a non-profit organization, 10 hours through a "Christian Church", and the remaining can be in service to Valley Christian Schools.

Also, for Community Service to count, the following four things must be done:

1. Community Service must be done COMPLETELY; no credit will be given for partial hours.

2. Community Service must be done CORRECTLY according to the areas described above.

3. Community Service must be done ON TIME (dates above); no late service will be accepted.

4. A Reflection Paper exhibiting conscientious effort must be turned in by May 2, 2012.

Please be sure to read about Community Service in the Student Handbook/Planner on pp. 4-5. While this is not part of one's grade, failure to correctly complete Community Service will result in a 10% drop of a student's grade.

10 hours for first semester are due on December 1st.
15 hours for second semester are due on May 2nd.
Reflection Paper is due on May 2nd (this will be assigned through your Bible Class according the teacher's schedule).

Additional Information

Possible Agencies
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