Theatre Major Requirements

Required Courses for Theatre Majors

  • Take two Conservatory classes per year (theatre, dance, music)   with no less than a “C” grade, for a total of 8 courses by graduation.
  • Attend all rehearsals and performances.
  • Majors must take one Dance Performance course, a Vocal Performance course, and a Technical Theatre course during high school.
  • Christian Perspective of the Arts (CPOA) is required in 11th or 12th grade. This class will also fulfill the Bible requirement.

Main Stage Performance

  • Perform in one Main Stage production per year (drama or musical) OR participate in an approved local theatrical production.

  Attend Conservatory Meetings

  • Attend the Conservatory Communication Meetings as scheduled , which are held during lunch or after school.  You will be sent an email prior to each meeting, and the meetings will also be announced on the Conservatory website.  Attendance will be taken at these meetings . If you cannot attend for reasons of illness or conflict with an academic or athletic activity, you must email Mrs. Wagner or stop by the music office in advance.

  Recital Performance

  • Involvement in "Experiments in Comedy & Tragedy," a student-created production.

  Special Events & Trips

  • Attend Conservatory events, concerts, dance, theatre, art shows when possible. Conservatory students may receive one half-price ticket for their own use to all Conservatory shows produced in the high school theatre.
  • Participate in other activities as requested by Conservatory staff.  Some will be optional, like field trips and master classes.

  Recommended Record Keeping

  • Keep track of your Conservatory activities – performances, shows, concerts, trips, classes, etc. on a spreadsheet (this is optional – it will be a great tool when you fill out your college applications).
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