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Our Priority is the Safety of your Student

Valley Christian Schools is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students, their families, staff, and visitors.

The security team will work with all members of our school community and neighbors in order to protect life and property and to ensure Valley Christian’s Quest for Excellence is reflected in all aspects of our responsibilities. We are committed to providing quality support and expedient service.

Preparedness and training are at the forefronts of all safety. Valley Christian Security armed officers have received basic police officer training from the South Bay Regional Police Academy. In addition, we have former police officers at both campuses of Valley Christian Schools as security supervisors.  The security department provides services in many ways, but providing a safe and secure campus from a hostile or active shooter is our primary directive.

In addition to our staff, we contract with a security company to provide
non-armed security guards to assist with property security and traffic control. Our other duties include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 security staffing
  • Direct cell phone connectivity with on-duty security staff
  • Documentation of any campus incidents
  • Mobile patrol in marked security vehicles
  • Foot patrol throughout the campus
  • State of the art digital surveillance cameras and recording system
  • Off-Campus (Park n’ Ride) parking security
  • Officers have First-aid, CPR and AED training

Parking and Traffic Regulations

The following regulations were established to facilitate parking and traffic while providing for the safety of all persons using the campuses within the Valley Christian Schools (as authorized) under provisions of the California Penal Code, the California Vehicle Code, and the Education Code.

This document contains information that was correct at the time of publication. However, due to legislation, procedure, or policy changes, these rules and regulations are subject to change without written notice.

A commitment was made to our neighbors during the initial development of the Skyway Campus that students are not allowed to park, be dropped off, or picked up in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus. This commitment is still in effect and needs to be honored. Additionally, since a sufficient number of parking spots must be reserved at all times for parents, guests, and for school/community events, we can offer a limited number of student parking permits to seniors only. We provide complimentary parking and shuttle service between the Skyway Campus and the Capitol Station Park and Ride for all other students who drive to school.

General Traffic Regulations

General Parking Regulations

Parking Permits

All teachers, staff, and students must have a parking permit to park a car on campus. Parking permits remain the property of VCS, and the privilege to use a permit may be revoked at any time. VCS reserves the right to refuse a permit or permission to park on campus.

Wonder Woofs

As part of VCS’ commitment to enforcing a zero-tolerance substance abuse policy, we contract with a drug-detecting canine non-profit organization. “Wonder Woofs” utilize specially trained golden retrievers and will be visiting the campus periodically throughout the year.

Valley Christian Schools has a very low instance of substance abuse among our students because:

  • The school emphasizes Christian values that teach every student that their body is a temple of God and the vast majority of VCS students have an intrinsic desire to do what is right.

Parents agree through the enrollment contract, and students agree through the student handbook, that they are to be held accountable for substance abuse both on and off of campus. Most schools only hold students accountable for behavior on campus. VCS students are tested with parent permission when students, parents, or others report suspected drug abuse. This mandatory program has been in force for nearly 20 years.

We are fortunate to have garnered interest in this proactive new program by the San Jose Mercury News and KTVU Channel 2 with more news coverage to come. This great coverage sends the strong message that Valley Christian cares enough to help those few students whose physical bodies occasionally grow faster than their wisdom to make the right choices. For more information and policies regarding our canine drug detection program can be found in the student and parent handbook. 


I am grateful and thankful for this campus. Valley’s community has a strong sense of stewardship for this campus. The campus is beautiful, everyone is so comfortable here - a place where friends and family gather.–VCS Parent

We’re grateful for the VCHS staff’s time invested and opportunities presented to our daughters…and to us as parents as we partnered with them in the process.-Ron Cocanour, Parent