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International Students

Welcome International Students

As part of the VCS community, our international students experience the encouragement to pursue their personal Quest for Excellence in academic achievement, artistic beauty, and athletic distinction.

VCS welcomes international students. They contribute to the diversity of the VCS community as they represent different cultures sharing their positive core values. The goal of the International Student Program is to prepare VCS international students to become leaders who serve God and their families and communities making genuine and positive impacts in the world.

Learn in Silicon Valley

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Valley Christian Schools is in direct contact with worldwide companies that provide unequal resources for our Applied Math, Science, and Engineering (AMSE)Business, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation (BEI), Conservatory of the Arts, and Athletics programs.

International Student Program Services and Benefits

International Student Program is committed to providing VCS international students with quality educational services to enrich their experiences at VCS. 

Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)

As a SEVP-certified school, VCS issues I-20s for those international students admitted to VCS and pursuing an F-1 visa to enter the US to study.

Buddy Program

The International Student Program hand-picks “buddies” and matches one or two of them with each of our new international students. The buddies are part of the International Student Leadership team, which consists of current international and domestic students, and they help the new international students make a smooth transition to Valley Christian and set the right goals for their successful first year at VCS.


Homestay Program

VCS is a day school. VCS international students reside with their parents, relatives, or homestay families while attending Valley Christian. The international students in the Homestay Program are connected with qualified host families that are carefully selected, and the homestay students are given additional benefits that include the following:

  • Live with VCS staff/faculty host parents with years of hosting experience
  • Participate in cultural/social events such as excursions to San Francisco and Monterey, college campus tours, traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Party, and more
  • Improve social and study skills by living with other motivated VCS international students

Applied English and Bible Fundamentals

This is a class that is specially offered to new 9th and 10th grade international students. The class is designed to strengthen the students’ academic English skills and help them understand Bible knowledge. This class plays an important role in helping them excel in Valley Christian as it boosts their confidence and provides them with the resources they need for their academic achievements and active campus life.

International Student Events

The International Student Program hosts social, cultural, and educational events throughout the years on and off campus. To name a few, the following events are included in our special events hosted for VCS international students.

  • New International Student Orientation
  • Welcome Lunches for New International Students and Buddies
  • Sunday Soccer
  • Autumn Festival Celebration
  • BBQ Party
  • Thanksgiving Luncheon
  • Movie Night
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Homeless Ministry
  • Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Easter Celebration
  • Graduation Party for Senior International Students
  • Graduation Reception for Senior Families

Beyond Valley

This is a special program we offer for our graduating international students. The students are connected with students and staff from the colleges they will be attending in the following year. They learn valuable information about the colleges and insights needed to start college on the right foot.

College Counseling for International Students

VCS international students are encouraged to stay proactive and be involved in meaningful activities so that they get the most out of their experience. Their Academic and College Counselor guides them through this process and helps them achieve tremendous growth and discover new things about themselves. The students ultimately become able to uniquely represent themselves during the college application process and gain a better chance finding their right-fit schools. The Academic and College Counselor specialized in international admissions partners with individual international students and families and provides them with expertise in US college admissions to help them achieve their college goals.

International Student College Acceptances

The majority of  VCS International Students are accepted to highly selective US colleges and universities each year. The following schools are some of the colleges and universities the international students have been accepted to in the past five years.

To view a full list of Recent College Acceptances from VCHS students, click on the button below.

VCHS Student College Acceptances
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Student Testimonials

We Are Here to Help

We are committed to providing excellent support and guidance to our international students and families. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Rira Seo

Rira Seo

Director of International Student Program & High School Academic and College Counselor
Daniel Ryu

Daniel Ryu

International Student Coordinator
Peter Chen

Peter Chen

Admissions & Enrollment Counselor: International Specialist
Pamela Biasotti

Pamela Biasotti

International Student Advisor