Medical Insurance

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Medical Insurance While You Attend VCS

Health insurance is required by law for all international students. It is the responsibility of each international student to purchase his or her own health insurance coverage. The minimum requirement is at least $50,000 maximum coverage for an accident or sickness.

Medical insurance must be purchased before school starts. Students must submit proof of insurance to the International Student Office before the first day of school to show that they have the proper coverage. If students are coming with their own insurance, the insurance coverage must apply to them while they are in the United States.

You may choose any company for health insurance. You must be enrolled in coverage for the entire time you are a registered student at Valley Christian Schools.

The warm care from the international student office settled me in here and I got used to the school much easier and faster. After two years here, I would say Valley Christian could be regarded as the one of the best schools for not only the domestic students but especially for the international students.-Myung Joo, South Korea