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8:15 AM


All month long we’ve been working on our States Project. My state was South Dakota. My grandma lives there so my family and I go there pretty often. Last summer we went to see the Badlands National Park, it was really cool. I decorated my hat with wheat because there are a lot of wheat fields there.  When we drive in South Dakota there are huge round bales of hay in the fields.  South Dakota is really pretty. We always enjoy visiting. 

Elementary students paints a picture at her desk
Elementary students have lunch at the outdoor tables

12:10 PM


The Lunch Bell rings and we all go outside to have our lunch together on the picnic benches by the playground. I save a spot for my best friend who is getting a hot lunch. I open my lunch box and Dr. Guven, our principal, comes by and asks our table how practice is going for our class play. My best friend joins our table and we all eat together before we play for a bit on the playground.  

2:00 PM


After lunch, my class goes to our Music room to practice on the keyboards. My teacher is a great and it’s been really fun learning how to play piano by using the keyboards. We each get to plug in our headphones and practice our chords. Having the headphones makes me feel comfortable, if I mess up then nobody hears me, and when I play for my teacher he gives me good advice.  

Elementary student practices on the keyboard

3:00 PM

Musical Theatre After School Class

After school, I stay late to practice for our spring musical. Today we are helping paint the sets. I am in charge of painting some bushes and trees. We are listening to the musical’s soundtrack as we paint. It’s fun to sing with everyone. Tomorrow we get to try on our costumes for the first time.

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Elementary students in costume perform onstage