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8:30 AM

The Sporting Life (PE) 

This morning I start my day in PE class. I love that I get to start my day with activity.  We are on a basketball unit.  We’ve been practicing techniques for a few weeks so now we’re playing scrimmage matches. I love playing basketball especially when it's just for fun!

junior high students exercise in the gym
junior high student gives a presentation

10:10 AM

Spanish 2

After PE I go to my Spanish class.  I’ve been learning Spanish since elementary school, so most of the kids in my class can have conversations in Spanish. My teacher only speaks to us in Spanish and it’s a class rule that we speak in Spanish too. Today my teacher was teaching us this song in Spanish and we were working out the translation. It was a fun exercise, and now I know a new song. 

11:30 AM

#PeaceEveryDay Club

At lunch, I go to my club called #PeaceEveryDayClub. It’s really fun. We try to think of ways that we can carry out peace in our lives and on our campus. We promote kindness, and we’re working on a spring campaign where we’ll open a booth where kids can send encouragement grams to their friends around the campus. It’s going to be really fun, I am going to be in charge of the delivery team.  

junior high students make candy grams for their friends
Junior high students run around the track for jog-a-thon event

1:25 PM


After lunch, my class goes out to run on the track. We are preparing for the Jog-a-thon. The Junior High does this event every year and it’s coming up in a couple of days. I already have my sponsors, my grandma, my uncle, and my neighbor all agreed to help me. Last year I did 10 laps, my goal this year is 15, that’s about 3 miles. I think I can do it!

3:00 PM

Swim Practice

I’m on the swim team and my freestyle is getting pretty good and I’m thinking of joining the diving team when I get to High School.

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Junior high swimmer poses from the side of the olympic sized swimming pool