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7:40 AM

Lifetime Fitness

I start my day off with the Lifetime Fitness class, also known as P.E.  Today is Health class and we are learning about different diets. Last semester was physical fitness, and this semester we are learning about mental fitness.  We have been discussing the Keto diet and what it means to put your body in ketosis.   We also discussed eating trends throughout history. I find it pretty interesting.

High school students help each other at their desks

9:20 AM

Indoor Athletic Performance

My second class of the day is Indoor Athletic Performance. I met up with my classmates/teammates in the Human Performance Center (HPC). Normally, as a freshman, I wouldn’t be in an HPC class, but because I am on the Varsity soccer team, I need the class to practice with my teammates. We worked on running drills as a team until our coach came over and sent us into the HPC to do leg exercises. I enjoy this class because it gives my team and I time to bond and form a strong foundation for this upcoming soccer season.

High School athlete lifts weights in the Human performance  center

12:00 PM

Powder Puff Game for Homecoming Week

This week is my favorite week out of the whole year, homecoming week! My friends and I are in the big powder-puff game and we are playing against the senior girls’ team.  Before the game we all painted our faces and put on our powderpuff t-shirts. During half time, guy cheer came out into the center of the football field to cheer us on and dance. Guy cheer and powderpuff is definitely my favorite event of the whole week.

High School girls play a powderpuff football game

There are many things about VCS that I love. However, one of the things that I appreciate the most is that my children have been able to succeed as both students and athletes. Valley teachers and coaches have fostered an environment that has allowed for a healthy balance as well as providing mentorship for how to develop routines, prioritize commitments and responsibilities, compete and measure success. The value in learning those life skills at an early age are immeasurable.– Brooke Olsen Roush, VCS Parent

High School student prepare for a quiz

1:05 PM

History and Music

After eating the orange chicken that I had bought for lunch, I walked over to my last class, History and Music. Today we are studying popular music during the Renaissance era. We learned about the instruments that were being used to create the inspiring and long lasting music. I find this class interesting because I love learning about how music affects the time period and era it was created in.

3:00 PM

Soccer Practice

I am on the Varsity soccer team and a couple of my soccer teammates were already lifting weights while I helped my coach move some equipment outside.

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High School soccer player runs in for a kick