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8:50 AM


Today is Chapel day. Dr. Guven tells us about how to be a good friend. He tells us a Bible story about the friendship between Jonathan and David. I like David but I am kind of quiet so I relate to Jonathan, he wasn’t very loud but he stood up for what was right and defended his friend. 

Elementary students listen to the principal at chapel

12:10 PM

Lunch - March Madness practice

I love lunch because my friends and I have been practicing shooting baskets for the March Madness Tournament. Our Principal, Dr. Guven loves basketball and the tournament is after school today. It’s our last chance to practice together so we eat our lunch as fast as we can.      

Elementary students shoot baskets with their high school buddies on the basketball court

1:00 PM


Today we went to the Science Lab. We’re working with volume, today we all brought with us what we thought would float in water. I kind of knew that an apple floats, so I brought an orange.  My orange floated on the surface, but then my teacher asked me if it would be ok to peel my orange. We peeled it and then it sank to the bottom. My teacher told me my orange originally floated because the peel has tiny air pockets that help it float.  

Elementary student listen to a science lesson
Elementary students participate in a basketball tournament

3:00 PM

After-school: MM tournament

Today is our March Madness Basketball Tournament. Some of the basketball players from the high school campus come to help us. It’s really fun when the high school athletes come to our campus, they bring us pizza and we get to play with them and get to know them a little bit. I really want to be on the basketball team when I get to high school. My buddy helped me to learn how to do a layup, I keep getting my footing wrong, but thanks to my buddy, I think I get it. 

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