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BEI Showcase

FRIDAY | MAY 10 | 6-8:30pm
Early Check-In | 5:30pm

Valley Christian Schools
100 Skyway Drive
San Jose, CA 95111

Please join us at the annual BEI Showcase. VCHS students from President’s Business Challenge, DECA, Speech & Debate, and Quest Incubator will be giving short presentations on their best work from the year.

All BEI members and their families are encouraged to attend.

Parents, grandparents and siblings are welcome. Advanced registration is required. The cost is $10 per person for non-staff and students who are not presenting. Dinner and refreshments will be served.

Showcase Schedule

6:00 - 6:30pm

Keynote & Dinner

6:30 - 7:30pm

Student Presentations

6:30 - 6:50pm

View Map for Location

Room G105 - PBC: Cadence
Yul Sung
Kyle Chen
Nicholas Kiang
Nitin Ramesh


Room G124 - The Young Expressionists
Jiariu Hu
Chloe Zhong


Room G106/107 - PBC: Safelock
Sreya Sreenivasan
Vivian Zhang
Elaine Wang
Jaylyn Chong
Room G126 - Volunteenz
Aanika Daftary
Yuelan Yuan
Vicky Ren

Room G108 - PBC: TrackIT
Abby Yu
Zara Mody
Sophia Li
Ariya Patel

Room G137 - Study AP
Seraph Yang
Alex Chen
Room G109 - PBC: Sundara
Rebecca Rebello
Lauren Dryden
Abigail Hahn
Payton Womach
Room G143 - What is DECA?
Rohit Mekkoth 
Priyam Das

Room G110 - PBC: Insight
Philip Pan
Chris Tanaka
Maya Phadke
Emily Tang

Room G130/131 - DECA Officer Team
Pratham Muriki
Isabella Lin


6:50 - 7:10pm

View Map for Location
Room G105 - PBC: nFluenceAI
Josh Upputuri
Tanish Goli
Jonathan Cheng
Room G124 - Walley’s
Tiffany Le
Kira Ferrandini
Anthea Chan
Jeremy Ding
Iris Zeng
Harry Shi
Jaylyn Chong
Benjamin Dalisay
Chichi Nwodo
Annabelle Lin
Elliot Park
Dana Yeoh
Room G106/107 - PBC: Neurapatch
Arushi Mani 
Isabella Denena
Italia Arellano 
Aashna Bhatia
Room G126 - Financing the Future
Sam Fan
Isabella Watson
Mikayla Wu
Catarina Chia
Steven Xu
Room G108 - PBC: MXL
Marc Teresi
Mayan Subramanian
Colin Lam
Lutfi Theodossy
Room G137 - BLOOM2XFM
Allaire Fahy
Aarna Nair
Room G109 - PBC: BakersMile
Tristan Sansone
Tan Pham
Alyssa Doan
Amanda Lau
Room G143 - DECA Written Presentation
Chloe Nguyen 
Hannah Li
Room G110 - PBC: Shelter
Jayden Peterson
Nikhil Hituvalli
Lucia He
Stevenson Chua
Room G130/131 - What is Speech?
Grace Wang
Lillian Yee


7:10 - 7:30pm

View Map for Location
Room G105 - DECA Individual Series Events
Arushi Mani 
Grace Xu
Room G124 - Alli Jewelry
Kaela Mcdonald
Rhona Souter
McKenna Yeomans
Madison Housholder
Room G106/107 - PBC: Revive Electrolytes
Freddie Cobarubio
Colin White
Sean Lazar
Eric Cao
Room G126 - Energy on the Go
Rayne Johnson
Nikita Jain
Laavanya Shah
Room G108 - PBC: PT Connect
Brennan Poppakostas
Michael Armeniakos
Bobby Emberly
Room G137 - LightAid
Sammi (Yufei) Wang
Lucas (Zhiwei) Gu
Room G109 - PBC: Metamorphasoles
Dia Vatasavi
Suneri Chinthalapati
Harrison Hatlo Porter
Katie Ha
Room G143 - DECA Written Presentation
Aashna Bhatia 
Maya Phadke
Room G110 - DECA Roleplay Example
Anya Reddy 
Rachel Zhang
Room G130/131 - What is Debate?
Christopher Liu
Louisa Yu


7:45 - 8:30pm

Awards & Recognition Ceremony in Small Gym

DECA provided an opportunity to socialize, engage in, and learn business concepts. [My son] …really enjoyed the DECA program and had a lot of fun at DECA conferences. We appreciate the growth opportunity to get out of his comfort zone and engage in a business setting.-VCS Parent