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Parents wave good bye to their students on the first day of school

Our Warrior Family

We are a vibrant community of students, parents, staff, alumni, faculty, and coaches.

Valley Christian Schools provides and educational environment where students can reach their highest academic potential, grow into their passions, and pursue God’s calling for their lives.  Our students are more than their test scores, each uniquely blessed with God-given abilities and talents.  In the following pages, you will see not only what our school has to offer, but what our students have to offer -- fulfilling the Warrior’s call to lead, serve and impact their communities and the world.



When you join VCS you are family and you become part of our supportive and loving community where everyone belongs.



Throughout our 60-year history, one of VCS’s best attributes is the quality, passion, and dedication of our faculty and staff.



Our K-12 students are a collection of curious minds and unique individuals each on a Quest for Excellence to create a bright future.



Once a Warrior, you’re always a Warrior. The bonds you form here stay with you for a lifetime.