Connecting Ministries Article | Valley Vision Magazine 2021

Connecting Ministries

"We are facing some of the most difficult challenges and greatest opportunities we've seen since I began serving at VCS," says Dr. Clifford Daugherty, President of Valley Christian Schools. 

Our 21st-century culture presents new but not unique challenges to gospel-centered schools. As we live in an increasingly post-Christian context where the gospel message no longer enjoys "home field" advantage, VCS began to prayerfully consider how to further the work of the good news of Jesus in a way that holds on to biblical truth. The goal is to honor the voices within our diverse community and create space for dialogue with our students, families, and alumni around topics that have divided us. 

Following the example of the Acts 1 church, Christianity began and grew in the 1st-century, where it was viewed as irrelevant. But, early Christians relied on the work of the Holy Spirit to discover ways to "love the Lord" and "love their neighbor," which opened doors to dialogue and influence. As VCS continued praying for wisdom to move our school into the future, God began working in concert to raise up three new senior leaders to help shape the conversations for our communities that would nurture and develop a diverse, informed, loving, and unified community...Click here to read the full article.


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