SpaceX CRS-22 Carries VCHS Experiments to the ISS

Valley Christian High School AMSE Institute students watched the launch of their experiments to the International Space Station (ISS) today onboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. The craft launched from Kennedy Space Center and will dock with the ISS on June 5th. The experiments will stay active for approximately 30 days and return in early August for data analysis. 

A total of 12 experiments were launched in partnership with the Quest Institute. Valley Christian High School ISS Research Lab student experiments include: 

1.     Ferrofluid Heat Transfer in Microgravity

2.     The Effects of Gibberellic Acid Potassium Salt on the Rate of Seed Germination of Moth Bean seeds (Vigna aconitifolia) in Microgravity

3.     Measuring the effects of bupivacaine on membrane fluidity in microgravity

4.     The Effect of Different Growth Media on Plants in a Hydroponics System in Microgravity

5.     The Effects of Microgravity on 3.5% NaCl Saline Solution Induced Electrolytic Corrosion of Pure Metals

6.     Selective Diffusion of Charged Particles Through Polymeric Aqueous Two-Phase Systems (ATPS) Experiment

Read the full article from the ISS National Laboratory.