I’m a competitive basketball player and play on a year-round travel team, but my parents said I needed to try theater at least one time. My first show, I was in the ensemble, but also was an understudy to the main part. When I got to step in for that part and say the lines, I loved it. I immediately knew that I wanted to continue doing theater.

I have now performed in five shows with Valley Christian: Pirates Past Noon, The Music Man, 101 Dalmatians, Seussical, and Knights at Dawn. (I would have been in We Are Monsters too, but then the pandemic hit!) I’ve also been to summer camps with Children’s Musical Theater, where we perform shows at the end of the summer. Most recently, we put on Moana

 Of all the shows I’ve done so far, Seussical was my favorite, because I got to play Horton. There were more songs than lines, and I enjoyed the music. The set was colorful and amazing, and I loved performing on it. I love that through theater I get to spend so much time with my friends. I’ve learned how to work hard, how to prepare, how to stay committed, and how to work with a team.

Isaac's Teacher

Cathy McFall

Isaac is not just a hard worker, nor is he JUST good at theater – he has an amazing heart and attitude! He is always respectful and kind to everyone. His heart shines out on stage!