I joined the Elementary Math Team this year. It was fun but challenging! I learned that there is way more than just one type of math. That was pretty cool, but my favorite thing about Math Team was getting to go to a competition up at the high school.

When I’m not learning more about math, I like to make different kinds of art, or go dirt biking, or go camping. You might even find me hanging upside down on the monkey bars at home or at school! 

I really love my teacher Mrs. Yost, who is so kind and so patient. I also really love another one of my teachers, Mrs. Roth, because she is gentle and loves to give hugs!

  • Olive is also interested in:
  • Art

Olive's Teacher

Vanda Roth

Sweet Olive was a doll to have in class; she is an extremely self-motivated student, and always puts forth her best effort into all of her assignments. She is kind-hearted, loyal, and strives to demonstrate Christ-like character to others.