I have really loved both the Chess Club and the Lemonade Stand program – they are challenging and fun at the same time. I saw some of the older students participating in these programs and having great experiences, and it seemed like something I wanted to do myself.

The most exciting thing about BEI has been getting the chance to sell our product through the Lemonade Stand program! But I also learned how to create a business plan, which I think is a very important lesson. My favorite thing about the Lemonade Stand program is that the money we raise goes to local charities, and I love helping people.

Outside of BEI, I also like to play soccer and video games, and I have a dog named Molly who I really love to play with. But the one thing that might surprise people the most about me is that I really love to dance!

Nicholas' Teacher

Sharon Hazlett

I would use some of the following words to describe some of the ways my amazing student Nick Brager stands out to me: Jesus-lover; curious learner; skilled communicator; innovative problem-solver; brave overcomer; and loyal friend.