History is my favorite class – I love learning about our past and how people used to do things differently back in the day. In third grade, my mom suggested I sign up for after-school theater. I didn’t want to do it, but four of my friends were signing up and told me I would love it. I decided to audition

And now, I really love Valley Christian Theatre. I love that I get to be on stage and entertain a whole room full of people. I like to make people laugh. It makes me feel confident and happy. 

I have performed in Pirates Past Noon, The Music Man, 101 Dalmatians, Seussical, and Knights at Dawn. I was also cast in the high school production of Mary Poppins! I learned so much from the high schoolers, which made me a better actor. The cast and crew always made me feel comfortable and loved. It helps that I love, love, love Disney! 

I also participate in the elementary school’s March Madness basketball tournament each year and have been to Robotics summer camp. I’ve learned that we should never be too scared of doing something we’ve never tried. Most of the time, once you try it, it ends up being the best decision of your life!

Chad's Teacher

Janet Yost

Chad is a fantastic student who made teaching so much fun. He has a fun personality and a great sense of humor; he works hard and isn’t afraid of a good challenge. He’s thoughtful, kind, and a loyal friend – all around a great guy!