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Elementary student count play money at market day

8:15 AM

Class Project: Market Day

My class has been prepping for Market Day! We’ve been learning about economics and Market Day is really fun because we get to run our own business for a day. We sell items, games, treats, and experiences for dollars. All money we earn will go directly to local charities like Second Harvest Food Bank and City Team. I made a spin the wheel game for a chance to win different sized donuts. The grand prize is a bear claw. I hope it will be popular, we’ll find out when all of our parents come to our classroom to play tonight.

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Elementary students listen to principal in chapel

8:50 AM


Today we had Chapel with our Principal, Dr. Guven. He told us about David and Goliath. I've heard the story before but I liked that Dr. Guven told us that God does not look at the appearance of a person but looks at a person’s heart. 

1:00 PM

Spanish Class

After lunch, we had Spanish Class. At Valley, we have been learning Spanish since Kindergarten. I like learning it and my neighbor speaks Spanish and we can talk a little bit with each other. I’m working on rolling my “r’s” with my tongue. It’s hard but my teacher is encouraging us to pronounce things in the right way.

Elementary student smiles in spanish class
Elementary student poses with a chess board

3:00 PM

Chess King Club

After School, I go with my friends to the Chess King Club. I learned to play chess about a year ago. My club leader teaches us about strategy. I’m not the best but I’ve been able to win a few matches. Some of the kids compete in tournaments, maybe I’ll be able to do that next year if I keep practicing.    

4:00 PM

Take bus to Skyway

After Chess Club, I take the bus up to the Skyway Campus where my older sister goes to High School. My sister stays after school because she is on the Agri-tech team. They are doing something called hydroponics, growing plants outside of the ground. Next year, I’ll be able to join the Agri-tech team on our Campus and do the same thing, if I want to.  

Elementary students smile on the school bus