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Highland Ability Battery Test - VCS Students


The Highlands Ability Battery is a series of 19 exercises that measure and define a person's natural abilities. This Battery can help promote self-understanding, build self-confidence, guide educational choices, optimize career options, and help students train themselves to talk to admissions officers and employment prospects. When students sign up, an access code will be mailed to them and they can take the test at home on their computer. Once the Battery is completed, the student will attend a Feedback Session at VCHS where they will receive a 33-page report describing their results. At the session, they will learn how to interpret the results.

When the test is completed, please contact Dr. Avilucea at to schedule a time to go over the results of the test.

FEE: $150 (vcs student discount, regularly $350)

Sonia Avilucea,


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