How to Give

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Giving Opportunities

There are many ways to give to Valley Christian Schools. It is our intention to provide the easiest and most convenient way for you to give throughout each year.

The Warrior Fund

Valley Christian Schools employs the Independent School Financial Model similar to many of our Bay Area private school counterparts. This model understands that tuition dollars alone cannot support the breadth and quality of curriculum, activities, and facilities in the Bay Area’s stellar private schools. 

Gifts to the WARRIOR FUND are used during the year in which they are received and are the primary source for bridging this “GAP” between tuition and the true cost of educating our students. Broad support of the WARRIOR FUND is the most crucial part of VCS’ fundraising initiatives, and these gifts have the most direct and immediate impact on the school. 

Widespread participation in the WARRIOR FUND is vital to Valley Christian Schools’ success. Gifts to the WARRIOR FUND are used to increase the general operating budget and ensure the most pressing needs of Valley Christian Schools are met. The Executive Leadership Team is committed to being good stewards of your generous contributions by providing excellent opportunities throughout our multifaceted campuses and programs.

It is the WARRIOR FUND that ensures the Quest for Excellence through the following:

Academic Achievement

Offers our students unique and challenging academic opportunities to every grade level

Artistic Beauty

Celebrates the diverse and vibrant artistic experiences for our students in multiple disciplines

Athletic Distinction

Provides high-caliber athletic programs enabling students to compete and succeed at the highest levels

Youth with Promise

Ensures socio-economic diversity among our student body by making tuition affordable to families or students with special circumstances

Teachers & Support Staff

Offers competitive salaries for faculty to ensure that our students are being taught by top-notch educators

Annually, we strive to have all of our current families participate in the WARRIOR FUND, including those receiving financial aid. These gifts should be given at a level equal to a parent’s financial ability and personal calling. Achieving 100% participation is our goal, as it enables Valley Christian Schools to seek additional funding from foundations and alumni via grants and other opportunities in which participation by current families is a key factor for selection. 

Participation means different things to different members of our community since each family’s financial situation varies. We are hopeful that the average gift per child is $1,500+ annually. However, since each family is unique, we understand that not all will be able to participate at such a level. 

To achieve the necessary funding to maintain the Quest for Excellence, families with higher annual incomes may be able to contribute more money than families with lower annual incomes. In a manner consistent with all philanthropic giving, this system provides that each gift, no matter the amount, is meaningful and matches a donor’s capacity to give.

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We invite you to support Valley’s current and future impact.

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