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Love Gift

Annual Love Gift

           -via the WARRIOR FUND...

One impactful way the WARRIOR FUND nurtures our faculty and staff community is through the Love Gift (, a Christmas-time bonus for the dedicated teachers and staff of the VCS community. Your support transforms appreciation into tangible gratitude, allowing us to convey how much we value their unwavering dedication to serving and loving our children throughout the school year.

Each school year, current parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni families, and friends of Valley Christian Schools partner with us to raise resources to advance our mission. The WARRIOR FUND was created for this purpose and we are so thankful for each member of our community who supports the Warriors through giving.

Learn more about the impact of your gift in our community in the life stories of our valued VCS faculty members. 

Debra Hughes - Impact Story                     

Gratefully Anonymous - Impact Story

Isaac Lewis - Impact Story