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Warrior Wellness Initiative

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This year Valley Christian Schools has been working on defining what it means for our Warrior community to be well.

Before the pandemic, reports from universities around the country sounded the alarm that our college students were struggling with mental and emotional health. In 2019 the American College Health Association did a National College Heath study where they found that 60% of U.S. students felt 'overwhelming' anxiety, while 40% experienced depression so severe they had difficulty functioning. We know that the pandemic has perpetuated this problem.  

VCS sprang into action to help our students prepare for academic, mental, and social-emotional success in college. We updated our counseling center to be a place of refuge for students, hired a K-12 Director of Wellness and a high school Wellness Counselor, brought in a team of Christian Counselors, and have therapy dogs on campus each week. However, our community is telling us that we need the efforts to continue and grow. VCS is committed to supporting our students at every level of their education to develop tools to cope with their feelings and stresses, but we cannot do it without support from the Warrior Fund.  

Double Your Impact | Every dollar you give today will be matched

VCS has a huge opportunity to bolster these efforts as a generous donor has offered to match donations to the Warrior Wellness Initiative up to 250,000! Please consider donating to partner with our Warrior Community to continue to prioritize our mental and emotional health efforts.