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Graduation Requirements

High School graduates dressed in their gowns throw their hats up in the air

At Valley Christian High School we are committed to the integration of each subject with the truths and Christian values contained in the Bible. For that reason we expect that students will meet their graduation requirements on our campus, and we expect each student to spend all four years enrolled in VCHS. Attending summer school or carrying more than a normal load during the regular school year should be regarded as an enrichment of the student’s education, rather than a way to accelerate meeting graduation requirements. 

A senior will not be awarded a diploma and may not participate in the graduation ceremony until he/she has completed all requirements and accumulated the total credits necessary. All financial obligations must be met before a student can receive his/her diploma and before final transcripts can be sent on to colleges.

Students are expected to be enrolled at VCHS with a full seven period course load, unless an appeal is approved for extenuating academic circumstances or a unique opportunity. Seniors meeting graduation requirements may be permitted to have an additional unscheduled first or last period. They must, however, leave campus or be in supervised areas during this unscheduled time.


High School graduates pose together after graduation