Required ipad Setup & Training

Junior high students and teacher work together at the white board

High School iPad Requirements

All new and returning students must set up their iPads using the Online Learning Prep Checklist prior to the first day of school.

Beginning August 6. Click here to access the Online Learning Prep Checklist.

Recommended Specifications

VCHS updates this list as needed to reflect new iPad models and as educational technology develops.

Minimum Specifications
  • iPad OS compatible Devices
Accessories (recommended but not required)
  • Stylus 
  • Earbuds 
  • Keyboard
Not Supported
  • iPad 4th generation and earlier will not support the latest iOS update
  • Any 16GB iPad
  • Any non-iOS Device


  • Do not install any VPN applications (i.e. Betternet, EyeDactic, VyperVPN, PIA, IPVanish, Tunnel Bear, etc.). VPN clients usurp control of the student's network connection and will result in their device being unable to reconnect to the VCS network.  
  • Do not install iOS Beta Software.

Please call the High School Office if you have any questions at 408.513.2400.