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High School Teachers & Staff

High School Teacher smiles at students during a lecture

Meet Our High School Teachers & Staff

VCHS is known for our exceptional facilities and cutting edge programs. Still, these resources would be meaningless without the extraordinary faculty who pour themselves into the lives of our incredible young Warriors. 

We are blessed to attract faculty who have learned from the brightest minds in their fields and who use their knowledge, expertise, and innovation to inspire the great thinkers of tomorrow. We believe that the best educators are lifelong learners, so we are committed to ongoing professional development in educational best practices. We are proud to say that 67% of VCHS teachers currently hold a Master’s degree, and 7% have a PhD.

Our faculty members understand that Christian education is not just a career; it is a calling. They realize the distinct privilege they have in fostering the spiritual growth of their students and their role in helping young people discover their God-given potential. VCHS teachers integrate a biblical perspective into their standards-based curriculum, and also serve as Prayer Warriors, praying for a specific group of students by name throughout the year. The combination of our teachers’ professional experience, educational training, and spiritual passion is what enables Valley Christian’s Quest to produce lives of influence.