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7:40 AM

African American Literature

This morning I have one of my favorite classes, African American Literature. Today I am presenting the poem I have been memorizing, Dr. Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise. I did so much research on Dr. Angelou, mostly because I loved listening to her. Her recitation of this same poem is beautiful, I know mine won’t be as good, but I enjoyed memorizing it. I honestly never thought I’d like poetry but this class has helped me to understand and appreciate it.

High School student study around a table together
High School student look at the globe

9:20 AM

AP Human Geography

For my second class of the day I have AP Human Geography. Today we had a lesson on agriculture through time which I find fascinating. Today we learned that people used to think that tomatoes were poisonous. It turns out the tomatoes weren’t poisonous, it was because of the dinnerware. The dinnerware was made of pewter and it had a high lead content. It had such a high lead content it made the tomato acidic which led to the lead leach out.

12:25 PM

Lunch Club Meeting - Discuss Beach Clean Up Day 

At lunch I had a meeting with my Ecology Club.  Today we planned our next event together, a beach clean-up day. I got put in charge of making sure all the supplies get to the beach. I am excited for the beach clean up not only because this is something I am passionate about, but because I get the opportunity to work alongside my friends and my biology teacher to serve the community. I love being able to give back to the community, and being able to be a part of something bigger than myself. 

High School student laugh while having lunch together

Valley's faith work is the most complete, relevant teaching of Christian faith, Bible, compassion of Jesus. Not only we learn from the book but we also learn from the action from the faculty. Developing and using God’s given gift to help the world gives a young man a purpose and drive which is way superior than only focusing on personal success and money. We are extremely pleased with the outcome – a young man with knowledge, compassion, and faith to reach new heights.– VCS Parent

High School student recites a poem in front of her class

1:05 PM

World religions

After my Ecology lunch meeting, I have my last class, World Religions. We have been studying Judaism, and my teacher said that today is the day before Yom Kippur, otherwise known as Erev Yom Kippur or the “Eve of the Day of Atonement.” In our lesson we learned that on this day people who practice Judaism spend the day seeking forgiveness and extending charity. It sounds really beautiful and healing.