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8:10 AM

Before School: Collect toys for SJ Firefighter Toy Drive

When I get to school, I drop off the toy I brought for the San Jose Firefighter’s Toy Drive. We bring a toy every year around Thanksgiving time to donate. My teacher says that the toys go to kids in need in our area or kids who are in the hospital. The Firefighters will come in a couple of days at lunch with their big fire truck to collect the toys. They let us play on the truck and show us all the supplies, it’s really fun. I hope the kids like the Lego set I brought. 

Elementary students pose in front of a firetruck with their toys to be donated
Elementary students work in their colorful classroom

8:35 AM

Class Devotions

Our school day starts the same way every day, with a class devotion. My teacher reads us a few verses from the Bible and we talk about it for a few minutes. Some times we get to draw about it or write in our journals.  I really like to draw so those days are my favorite.

11:00 AM

Hydroponics (4th grade only; during AMSE Science Pull-out)

Before lunch, we get to go to our school garden. It doesn’t look like other gardens that I have seen because we are learning to grow plants through hydroponics. We are growing lettuce, and everything that we grow gets donated to our local shelter. I love to garden and my teacher is teaching us so much about taking care of plants. My mom and I planted tomatoes in our backyard and I bring those to donate too.

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Elementary student smiles as he sits with leafy produce
Elementary students volunteer at a local food bank

12:10 PM

Lunch - Agritech Club

At lunchtime, I take my lunch with me to meet with my Agri-tech club. We are working with the Junior High Campus to be able to donate our produce to a local shelter for their big Thanksgiving meal. We decide to ask our classes to help by donating canned foods. We make a plan to gather next Friday and bag up the food to donate.

1:00 PM


My favorite class is history. We’ve been learning about California history. After vacation, my class is going to visit a mission together. I’m excited about it. My brother went a couple of years ago and then my family and I have visited a few more when we travel. I want to visit all of the missions someday.  

Elementary students listen to their teacher give a lesson
Elementary students sit together on the sports field with a pink ball

3:00 PM

After School Extended Care

After School, I stay after for extended care. I don’t have a club meeting today because we met at lunch. So I eat my snack and do my homework before I go and play with my friends. We’ve been playing a pretty good kick-ball game, which is my favorite. My mom comes to pick me up and we go to the grocery store to pick up some can foods I volunteered to get.