For one BEI project, my brother and I were on a team with a couple of other kids from the Junior High. Our group needed to make something out of shoelaces. It was already a funny idea, but we also had funny kids in the group, and none of us could stop laughing! And when I start laughing, EVERYTHING is funny to me, even the smallest things.

But BEI (Business, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation) has given me so much more than just a lot of laughs. It has taught me that it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to accomplish any goal. My parents wanted my brother and me to try it out, so that we could learn how to start a business. Last year, I got to do that by helping run the company that hosted a lemonade stand at Valley Christian!

In addition to BEI, I am also involved with the Friday lunch prayers; I play on the girls’ basketball team; and I am a member of the Aggies Club, which promotes environmental awareness and helps us develop agricultural engineering skills. My favorite teacher at Valley Christian, Mrs. Tuttle, says she believes that learning should be fun for kids, and I try my best to follow her example. 

Whether I’m selling lemonade or trying to build something out of shoelaces, I always try to look up to Jesus. He is so perfect, and I wish I could be just like him in all the many things that I do. I am not perfect; in fact, I am far from perfect. But the most I, and anyone else, can do is to keep trying.

Krysle's Teacher

Ashley Tuttle

Krysle has a gift for Christian leadership that is so apparent, and noticed by all. She would wait for every student to enter the classroom first, and then would wait to enter herself until I did. I always saw that as a sign of respect towards both me and her peers. She has only kindness in her heart.