Once in a while I write poetry about how I’m feeling, so I can get it out of my system. It takes the weight off me and gives some relief to just let loose and write away.

Poetry comes naturally to me, and I’m thankful that it’s become a way to help me mentally. I started writing a diary in 3rd grade, and that turned into lyrics, which turned into poetry. I write about love, loss, troubling times, and growing up.

What I enjoy is the creativity in writing. Poetry isn’t about making a sentence perfect it’s about the art and emotion. It’s beautiful to me.  God blessed me with this art and I’m very grateful to view the world in a creative way.

I come from a family that loves sports -- my sister Lauren played softball at VCHS, and my brother Jonathan currently plays baseball there. I do really look up to him; he has set the bar very high, but my goal is to not be known as Jonathan’s little sister anymore! We are VERY goal is to always be better than my siblings. Ha!

I get so into whatever game I’m playing. I enjoy being a pitcher and the feeling of when the ball releases from my hand. When I have a good serve in volleyball, it’s the best feeling to set the tone for my teammates. I love that basketball is all about the team effort. My ultimate goal is to keep working hard, and hopefully, one day earn a D1 scholarship!

Madison's Teacher

Ashley Tuttle

As a 6th grader trying out alongside so many 8th graders, I knew that Madison had so much potential. She jumps at every opportunity to grow, and never hesitates in wanting to be better. I am so impressed with her drive and willingness to improve.