My family is very sporty: we love watching and playing pretty much all sports. I started playing soccer, flag football, and T-ball when I was 4. Football has become my favorite – my ultimate dream is to one day play and coach in the NFL.

I play flag football at VCJH, in addition to volleyball and basketball. We won the 7th-grade basketball championship after beating a team we lost to earlier in the season. In the championship, we beat them in overtime, and were SO happy to get that banner! 

All these sports keep me pretty busy, but I also enjoy participating in the junior high Fellowship of Christian Athletes. My team as a Warrior athlete has taught me the importance of being a good sport and supporting my teammates

Nick's Coach

Steve Barnes

Nick is one of those rare athletes whose work ethic matches his athletic ability. He’s one of the hardest-working athletes I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching. We could always depend and count on Nick to make the right play at the right time, and on top of that, he is respectful to opponents and a team-first player.