This year, I founded my own club, Genesis, which is an environmental club that focuses on preserving the world given to us by God. All of us continue to practice mindfulness in regard to the environment. I have also been a member of Math Club for three years, and occasionally attend competitions with either the junior high or high school teams.

In the BEI Junior High Explore Entrepreneurship program, we simulate real-world situations and get to be competitive with others, creating inventions that we could potentially market. We work with people we don’t know right away, but after working on the projects for weeks in a row, you build great relationships with your teammates and become really invested in the inventions that you’re working on.

I had some experience in Speech & Debate and always enjoy sharing my ideas with people. As a result, when I heard about BEI, I felt that it would be a good fit for me. We are all gifted in different aspects, and BEI teaches so much about learning to value other people’s skill sets. I did the majority of speaking in a presentation, because that is my strength (I can also do a really good Donald Duck impression, just not during BEI presentations), while other students handled other aspects of the project.

Sharis' Teacher

Dwain Fairweather

Sharis is an outstanding student who consistently demonstrates superior quality, effort, and insight, plus outstanding skills in engineering principles. She participates fully and is actively engaged with everything she does; her performance is exceptional, her leadership is effective, and she is a committed servant.