Junior High Academics

Junior High science students sit in small groups at work stations to work on an experiment

Junior High offers students a chance to imagine the person they want to become

Valley Christian Junior High School is committed to preparing your student for our college-prep program at Valley Christian High School.

Junior High students flourish in our challenging yet nurturing learning environment as they hone new study skills and practice critical thinking.  Co-curricular programs like the Conservatory of the Arts and AMSE (the Applied Math, Science, and Engineering Institute) and our BEI (Business and Entrepreneurship Initiative) programs foster independence and serve to shape each student's unique God-given talents. 

Junior high student works on her ipad
Junior high students in colorful rolling desks listen to their teacher


This strength of schedule is coupled with a wide-ranging selection of exciting electives.
Examples include: 

3D Animation, Cadet Strings, Color Guard, Speech and Debate, Photography, Spanish I Honors, Clay Projects, Alpha Drums, Dance Workshop, Yearbook, Online Journalism, Drama, Investigative Science, Video Projects, VCJH Space Program, Art Fundamentals, Quest Band, Sporting Life, Project Lead the Way (engineering courses).