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JH Required ipad Setup & Training

Junior high students and teacher work together at the white board

Junior High iPad Requirements 2024-25

An iPad setup checklist will be provided August 1 and must be completed prior to the first day of school.
View the iPad Setup Checklist
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Using iPads in the classroom helps our VCJH students…

  • Have all junior high textbooks in digital format. (The iPad isn’t another tool in the student’s backpack; it is becoming the backpack)
  • Organize life with instant access to, and training in, organizational tools to enhance productivity and prepare them to be successful 21st Century students
  • Learn anywhere, anytime with continuous access to Learn@VCS and other educational resources
  • Utilize a creation-centered curriculum on a digital platform
  • Interact in their preferred mode of communication
  • Speak and work in a contemporary setting

iPad Requirements

The iPad is used extensively by students in the access of information and completion of work. Therefore, students are expected to bring their personal iPad to school every day. 

Recommended Specifications
Minimum Specifications
  • iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro (11" max) compatible with iPadOS 17 (see iPadOS 17 compatibility list here)
  • 64GB of storage
  • AppleCare+ for iPad
  • Case and keyboard ("rugged" keyboard case recommended for protection)
Accessories (recommended but not required)
  • Stylus*
  • Earbuds

* Apple pens not recommended

Not Supported
  • Any iPad Mini Model
  • Any iPad Model that is not compatible with the current iOS (see iPadOS 17 compatibility list here)
  • Do not install any VPN applications (i.e. Betternet, EyeDactic, VyperVPN, PIA, IPVanish, Tunnel Bear, etc.). VPN clients usurp control of the student's network connection and will result in their device being unable to reconnect to the VCS network.  

  • Do not install iOS Beta Software.

Textbooks on the iPad

The VCJH Administration collects a Textbook Fee each year to cover all textbooks and online subscriptions. For 2024-25, the Fee will be $375 per student. By purchasing in bulk, parents save over 50% per year. Once the Fee is collected, the school takes on the responsibility of textbook, database, and subscription enrollments.

The $375 Fee includes all textbooks, workbooks, and online subscriptions:
  • Textbooks and Workbooks (value $400-$600/year)
  • ALEKS (online math program – value $180/year)

  • IXL (online grammar program – value $79/year)

The Textbook Fee must be paid before students receive their class list in July. The Fee does not include required apps or Summer Reading novels (when applicable).

An iPad setup checklist will be provided in August and must be completed prior to the first day of school

Please fill out a VCS Support Request Form if you have any questions.

VCS Support REQUEST Form