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High School AMSE Requirements

The AMSE Institute offers a three-tiered program model: Membership, Honors, and Honors Fellow, plus an option to combine AMSE and Conservatory participation with the AMSE Artist Honors program. These distinct pathways recognize the top high achieving students in their respective fields while broadening the scope of student involvement. Students must complete these requirements upon graduation.


AMSE Institute students are encouraged to get involved in specially designed programs which allow students to advance their unique abilities, stand out to colleges, and prepare them to pursue education and career paths in the STEM field.

AMSE Approved Research Project 1 1
AMSE Programs 1 2
Years of Science 4 4
Years of Math 4 4
GPA 3.8+ 4.0+
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses 2 4


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How to Apply to HS AMSE Programs

Students who have registered for AMSE Membership or AMSE Honors status are eligible to apply for an AMSE Program. Find the membership and honors requirements above. Once your AMSE Membership or Honors application is submitted, you may complete the AMSE Programs application.

The application for semester two programs is open from January 5 - 15, 2021.

The AMSE Institute is proud to offer a wide variety of unique programs in the 2020/21 school year, providing virtual, hybrid, and on-campus options to accommodate all interested students and comply with campus restrictions, as needed.