Elementary Athletics

Elementary students smile together on the field while holding a ball

Introducing Health & Wellness from the Beginning

We strive to teach wellness concepts and physical skills that will inspire students to embrace a proactive and healthy lifestyle. 

Physical Education

Elementary students participate in PE twice a week, with a unique motor lab for kindergarteners to further develop their motor skills. Some of the units of study include jump rope, bowling, tennis, foursquare, basketball, volleyball, softball, and physical fitness. All students are encouraged to participate and increase their dexterity.


Little Warrior Nation

Little Warrior Nation is an exciting extracurricular opportunity for VCES students to learn the fundamentals of a wide variety of sports from some of the best coaches and high school athletes in the state of California. For grades K-3, our Elem Physical Education staff leads all-sports camps throughout the year. The 4th & 5th graders participate in clinics with our high school program coaches and athletes. Program highlights for both age groups include an “Inside Look” at the student’s high school team of choice and sitting on the sidelines at games. Through the Little Warrior Nation, VCES students learn firsthand what it means to be a spirited Valley Christian Warrior.

Little Warrior Nation
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Elementary school student kicks a soccer ball on the field
High School football coach lends an elementary student his headset so he could try it on

Fitness Bikes

VCES is committed to creating a classroom environment that speaks to the needs of active young learners – especially the need to move. All classrooms have a kid-sized fitness bike that is in constant use throughout the day. Several teachers use standing desks and core strengthening sitting options. For students, teachers, also integrate time to take “body breaks” throughout the school day.