High School Athletics

Men's basketball player in uniform gets ready to shoot a basket

Athletic Distinction

“Pursuing victory with honor,” The Athletic Department’s goal is to teach life lessons through disciplined training and the preparation for competition: how to gracefully handle and overcome adversity, work as a team, and display Christ-like sportsmanship both on and off the field.  Each of our athletic programs believe that preparation is never wasted, it’s an investment in the future. Valley Christian HS continues to grow beyond our extensive offerings of championship-caliber Warrior teams to come alongside our student-athletes in all aspects of their training and competing.


  • With 59 competitive teams in 25 different sports, VCHS provides increasing opportunities for our athletes to develop.  
  • Our student-athletes consistently compete with distinction at the local, state, and national levels.
  • On-campus specialists are available to assist with the college recruitment process.
High School Runner leaps over a hurdle on the track
Football running back runs with the football to the goal
Varsity Ladies golfer poses in uniform on the grass
Varsity baseball player leaps to catch a baseball in his mit
High School basketball student dress in home game uniform gets ready to shoot a basket
Varsity Water Polo player lifts arm to throw polo ball
Varsity Ladies volleyball player poses to serve the ball on the grass in front of building
Women's field hockey team plays a local team

Human Performance Center

The Human Performance Center (HPC) provides year-round access to sports-specific training aimed to maximize strength, speed, and power for all student-athletes in a supportive, Christ-centered environment. The HPC’s goal is not only to enhance a student’s specific athletic performance but to also give them the tools to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
The HPC trains over 250 student-athletes every day, becoming a leader in academically-sound sport and health programs for high schools across the country.
A wide variety of sports-specific classes are offered during the school day and after school to allow multiple opportunities for attendance.  With our amazing team of trainers from both collegiate and professional athletic backgrounds, students are surrounded by a highly-trained and competitive community of fit, sports-loving individuals.

Classes allow students to:

  • Improve their skills in their sport(s) through strategic and measured growth in strength, flexibility, fitness, and power.  
  • Increase academic class time thereby minimizing class time missed for athletic event travel.  
  • Develop a healthy schedule with less late-night practices, allowing more time for after-school appointments, homework, and sleep.
  • Expand their opportunity for athletic participation by making it easier for student-athletes to participate in multiple seasons of sports.