Eighth Grade Students Visit Monticello and Washington DC
Posted 05/01/2017 10:41AM

Hello, Friends and Family!

Waking up to the hot and humid Virginian air could not dampen our excitement as we went to tour historic Williamsburg! We met up with a tour guide who led us around the town- pointing out original buildings (and even the original Speaker's Chair spared from the flames that took the Capitol Building) and taking us into still functioning shops and workplaces. We found ourselves prisoners sitting in the very cell where Blackbeard's men were held, members of the 5th Virginia convention deciding to declare independence, and high-class customers looking to buy new wigs. It was a thrill to step back into time and participate in what life might have been like in the 1700's.

After the tour, we boarded the buses and began our journey north to D.C. We stopped in at the home of our third president, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.   We ate a quick lunch before we began a tour of his house- 90% of it original from when he lived in it and over 65% of the furnishings his own. It was an incredible home with every square inch put to use. He even made a giant clock that still runs on gravity whose counterweights measure the progress of the week. Unfortunately, he had to cut a hole in the floor so the weights could reach Saturday in his basement! One student captured the impression that the house left on each of us when he reiterated over and over "Thomas Jefferson is so creative!" It truly was a sight to behold his beautiful home and well-maintained gardens. The woods that surrounded us as we walked from his house, past his grave and back to the visitor center were green, lush, and cool- unlike anything we see in California. While walking these grounds, it wasn't surprising why this amazing founding father called Monticello home.

We ended the day with a visit to the college that Jefferson started, the University of Virginia, and we even had the opportunity to eat in their dining commons. Another bus ride, and we officially arrived in D.C. We are anxiously anticipating all the excitement that this city will hold!

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