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First reindeer, now Santa!! Valley Christian High School is gearing up for the Christmas Holiday.
Ugly Sweaters were all around campus but here are a few of our super cool teachers sporting their sweaters. Thank you, Ms. Buck, Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Eshoff!
It's (Reining Deer) here on the Valley Christian High School Campus!
"The Marriage of Figaro" at the California Theatre also featured VCHS Musical Theatre teacher and voice coach Lindsay Roush in the chorus. She also performed a featured duet piece.
This year VCES partnered with City Team Ministries in a mission to provide thousands of turkeys...
One of the biggest highlights of the entire year..
Edible Science
Dear Valley Parents/Guardians and Students,The counseling department is once again excited to offer our 4th annual college and career day on Wednesday, November 25 from 7:40-11:15am
Have you ever wondered how many uses you can get from an Oreo? Well, that's what the Life Science classes did just today! We transformed Oreos into cell models, complete with sprinkles representing the chromosomes within the cell. As we designed and created the phases of Mitosis, students were able to identify the steps that take place in each phase. Students enjoyed putting their personal touch on the phases of Mitosis, and of course, enjoyed the product of their hard work!
As a Western Band Association Class 4A band, the VCHS students came in 8th place out of 20 bands in their class, and only .3 of a point from making the large band 4A/5A finals competition.
This was a new experience for the students, actually leading worship at San Jose Christian Reformed Church, versus performing for the student body in chapel
The Valley Christian Womens Volleyball team won its 4th consecutive Central Coast Section Championship last Saturday. The Warriors defeated Sacred Heart Cathedral in 4 sets (25-18, 25-16, 23-25, 25-21). Congratulations to the team and coaches!
They join a select group of 235 students from around the Bay Area in rehearsals and performance Nov. 19-21.
Come see the Open Air Ensemble in their preview show for friends and family before Saturday's State Championships. Free admission, coffee, cocoa and cookies. 8pm, in the stadium
Every 4th graders favorite event of the year, the San Juan Bautista trip, was a success once again!
Congratulations to VCHS Student Nakea Rand for receiving the Award of Excellence!
The Valley Christian High School DECA Club attended the LACE Conference this past weekend. This is one of the many excellent clubs at Valley. Go DECA!!!
This week the Valley Christian Junior High eighth grade history classes are holding colonial town hall meetings.
Sophomore Quynn Duong shoots a 68 at Rancho CaƱada to win CCS Golf Individual Championship.
Mens Cross Country finishes 2nd at CCS and advances to State Championships for 1st time in school history.
Scientists have discovered that a raw egg dropped from a height of 8 feet without breaking will be cholesterol-free upon landing. Entrepreneurs and businesses are "scrambling" to develop a mechanism for dropping eggs. Your group has a chance to get in on this action. A $20 million contract is at stake. You will be able to present your mechanism and an ad campaign selling it at the contest. However, you only have certain items with which to build this mechanism.
Valley Christian Junior High competes in the national competition called Math Madness. This is a League Play event which opens with leagues of round robin competition organized across the country based primarily on skill level, but with special consideration given to geography and common time availability. It concludes with a bracket challenge where all teams participate, separated into divisions based on skill level.
Parents/Guardians of our wonderful Valley Christian High Schools students are encouraged to join the PTPF to lend your support to our teachers and staff.
With the holidays coming up, it's not too late to be a Secret ANGEL to one of our teachers. They would love to have your thoughts and prayers as we head into this busy season.
Open Air Ensemble to compete on the national stage at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, Nov. 13
VCHS will have school on Veteran's Day! We will have a special time of reflection for all of those who have and are serving our country.
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