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Inside Out Theme for Later February

Warrior Highlights of the Week can be read by clicking here.

Click here to view the Gym Schedule for January.

Project Lead the Way 1 students tested out their biofuel in the dirt lot a safe distance from the soccer and softball fields. As the clouds broke and the sun shone through, a glimmer of light glinted off the cold, hard steel of an airplane engine Max O.S. 46. Before this day dawned, Dr. Fennern an engineering mentor, AMSE Board Member, and Nuclear Physicist explained the dynamics of alternate fuels, combustion engines, while student’s step-by-step synthesized biodiesel to run in the diesel engine. At times running over 7000 rpm, the biofuel burned cooler and faster than ordinary diesel. Students tested heat, RPM’s and burn time of the diesel produced from simple vegetable oil and methanol. Testing of the biodiesel is only the beginning as students will be designing and constructing a research garden that produces vegetables for consumption and sunflowers to produce the biodiesel of tomorrow.

Seventh grade Life Science students have been studying DNA for several weeks now. To wrap up the DNA unit, instead of giving them a typical test, students demonstrated their knowledge through a lab where each student extracted their own DNA. To begin the assessment each student was given a small cup with Gatorade that they swished in their mouth to extract check cells. They then spit it into a cup, transferred it into a test tube and, a few minutes later, put in a few milliliters of lysate solution to help unravel DNA. Students then added a few milliliters of ethanol and watched the DNA strands form! Finally, they put a sample onto a small plastic locket to wear around their neck. A piece of themselves!

Senior Jeffrey Tesik and eighth grader Zachary Shah were named to the California Band Director's Association (CBDA) All-State Honor Bands.

The girls varsity soccer team won its 9th straight game to open the season by defeating St. Francis 2-0. This is goalkeeper Alexis Smith's 9th straight shutout.

Congratulations to the Fall sport athletes that were honored by media outlets for their accomplishments on the field, court and course this past season. Click here to see who was recognized.

Fall 2013 was a jam-packed semester for our Journalism and Photojournalism students who were hard at work on the very first issue of The Warrior Magazine, which features the full range of emotions associated with our student body on the Valley Christian campus: hope, nostalgia, fear, peace, passion and absolute, unbridled excitement. This semester, we watched and recorded as Valley Christian students achieved greatness, pursued their passions, and gave their lives to God.

As this semester moved fast and furiously along, we stopped for a minute to record not only the stories of campus life and student achievement – but the stories of individuals that are changing the lives of the people around them. So here are the reasons why you do not want to miss our collection of stories and photographs that will touch your heart and make you remember why high school is such a pivotal part of life:

Senior's Maddie Dilfer and Kirsten Mead were named the co-players of the year in girls volleyball by the San Jose Mercury News. Also recieving recognition was Ronika Stone (2nd Team), Jess Hess and Ella Lajos (Honorable Mention).

Congratulations to our Valley Christian Junior High School ISS Student Team, their teacher Mrs. Malathi Tuers, their mentor Jim Nadir, and Valley Christian's Applied Math, Science, and Engineering (AMSE) Institute team including Dan Saldana, Werner Vavken, Howell Ivy, and George Sousa. Click on the link below to view the NBC Channel Eleven News story describing the first junior high to put an experiment on the International Space Station. Wow!!! It's thrilling to see the Quest for Excellence and truly Christian education in action!

Click here to view the newscast!

Click here for more information

The Christmas spirit is in full swing here at VCJH! The new to Valley seventh and eighth graders enjoyed designing, creating, and building gingerbread houses that reflected their unique personalities! Along with enjoying building those houses, students were challenged to a Christmas favorite titled “Guess That Christmas Carol.” They were given a grid full of pictures, and then needed to figure out the traditional carol by using the images as a guide. Many students worked together digging into their childhood memories of those classic songs! Excitement filled the gym as students had an opportunity to head back into some of those favorite Christmas traditions as well as enjoy fellowship and memories shared among classmates and others within the student body.

Black or White Theme for January

Black or White Theme for January

Congratulations to the Eighth Grade Girls Basketball team for finishing the season with an overall record of 17-2. The team was crowned Champions of the Willow Glen Tournament and came up one game short of winning a league championship as well.

The Championship game saw Valley Christian and Morrill Middle School battle for 28 minutes and finish with a tough 26-36 loss to the Tigers.

Congratulations to all the girls on a fantastic year!!

The girls basketball team, led by Cassie Orth (12pts) and Jessica Mitz (13pts) defeated the reigning CCS Division I Champions of Gunn last night in the Pinewood Tournament.

The Human Performance Center will be open during finals week and over Christmas break. Click here to see the hours it will be available.

Wednesday November 27: The theme of this year’s Wobble Gobble was celebrating joy with friends at school and neighbors in our community. The event strived to fulfill this theme with providing a variety of activities that would allow the students to interact with fellow students within their own grade level as well as others within the student body, along with participating in a community service project that will bless students at Los Arboles Elementary School. VCJH together made one hundred and thirty Christmas gift bags, that included a fleece tie blanket along with individualized hand crafted cards, Christmas ornaments, and a lot of love and care! All in all, the Wobble Gobble was a success in more ways than one!

Article by Student Sports about softball player Brynne Fitzpatrick.

Cal Hi Sports Bay Area recently highlighted Senior Monica Bodd on their show for her work in the community, classroom and on the basketball court. Click here to watch the video.

8th Grade Girls Basketball team finished with an overall record of 17-2 and took home the Willow Glen Tournament Championship and 2nd place in the Santa Clara East Side League Championship.

Ryan Boone may not be a heavy weight in wrestling, but he dominates his opponent on the mat! Successfully completing his season, he placed second in the sectionals on Tuesday and will go on to play in the “County” competition on Thursday. If you are able, come and support him in this challenge at South Valley Junior High in Gilroy, on Thursday, after school.

Congratulations to the varsity girls volleyball team for winning a State Championship! The Warriors defeated Central Valley Christian 25-20, 25-16, 25-10 this past Saturday at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA.

Valley Christian is in the process of creating next year’s calendar. While you are waiting for the final calendar, there are a few dates that have already been set.
These include:

JH First day of School – 8/18/2014

Christmas break – 12/22/2014 to 01/06/2015

Easter break – 4/3/2015 to 04/10/2015

JH Last day of School – 05/29/2015

Go to, then BUY TICKETS NOW under QUICKLINKS on the right for Thursday and Friday. If you missed the on-line window for Tuesday & Wednesday, call Mary Creek at 408-362-7602. Seats for those two nights are limited. The traditional Christmas concerts for Kindergarteners through 12th grade singers and musicians will again be held at the historic California Theatre in downtown San Jose. Don't miss it!

Warrior highlights of the week can be read by clicking here.

For a preview in Warrior Athletics this week, click here.

NorCal Division III volleyball final: Valley Christian sweeps Sacred Heart Cathedral to advance to state final.

If you are giving your child an X-Box One or PlayStation 4 for Christmas, you may want to consider setting up Parent Controls before they open the box. Here's how: X-Box One ( PlayStation4 (

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