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Girls JH Softball finishes season with a 10-0 record

The VCJH Prayer Club meets every Thursday during lunch. Last week students wrote personal prayers on note cards attached to balloons. Students then allowed the balloons to fly away. The act signified that they were letting go and giving their prayers, struggles, or other personal matters to God.

Valley Christian High School's Athletic Department is proud to recognize Sophomore Kailey Eddy as Warrior of the Week.

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For a preview in Warrior Athletics this week follow this link.

Life Science students are truly getting into their work - literally - as they swabbed cells from their own cheek, built 3D models of cells, and dissected the tissues of sheep! The students have been studying eukaryotic, prokaryotic, unicellular, multicellular cells, as well as the structure and functions of organelles found within each type of cell. Along with learning facts about the types of cells and organelles, students have been working many hours with microscopes, locating the different parts of a cell as well as the cell itself. Students enjoyed discovering these aspects through a different type of hands on experience as well as being able to share their knowledge and understanding of the subject with each other.

The 2013 Competitive Field Show "Arabian Odyssey" took First Place in Class 3A at their first competition at Gilroy High School. Come see the OAE perform this Saturday at the Valley Christian-hosted Quest Classic at Chabot College. The Swamp Band Jazz Ensemble performs during each home football game. See the schedule and

Mothers of Faith Conference with Sheri Rose Shepherd - Best selling Author, Bible Life Coach, Speaker, Mom and Grandma

Friday, October 11 at Venture Christian Church: "Girls Night Out - Chocolate for Your Soul" (Registration through Venture Church) - $10

Saturday, October 12 from 9am-12pm at Hillside Church: "Mothers of Faith" - $10 (Register below)

We're now offering a Buy one ticket get one free for a friend! Just register yourself and you can bring a friend for free!

Empowering and equipping moms to raise up the next generation of faith and family. Come laugh and learn from the word of God how to help your sons and daughters find their confidence in Christ and hear creative ways to leave a legacy of faith for your children and grandchildren.

In this weeks edition of the Wednesday Alumni Watch, the Fleming brothers nearly miss a chance to compete against each other. Click here to read more about Shayne ('10) and Casey ('11) Fleming.

For a preview in Warrior Athletics this week follow this link.

Valley Christian High School's Athletic Department is proud to recognize Sophomore Caitlin Tetherow as Warrior of the Week.

The Warriors had scoring teams in all seven divisions and with a record number of finishers. The Warriors saw many strong performances on the new 4k course and had had scoring teams in all seven divisions and had a record number of finishers.

For a recap in Warrior Athletics from last week follow this link.

Once again, a good time was had by all at the VCJH Jog-a-Thon! Although the total is not yet complete (we are waiting “per lap” collections and some pledges are still coming in), we are confident that we will reach our 40k goal! Mrs. Arnett has graciously agreed to “walk the plank” into the school pool! Additionally, a BIG shout out to the wonderfully entertaining guest runner this year: the San Jose Shark’s “Sharkie”!!!! He did an amazing job running laps, encouraging and teasing the runners!

In our Wednesday Alumni Watch click to see Matthew Schmidt ('10) catch game winning pass for Sterling College last Saturday.

Is this a question you ask your child at the end of the day? Did you know that our teachers add your child's homework due dates to their iCal app each week? Did you also know that you can add this calendar to your electronic device to view at a moment's notice? If this is something that you would like to do, please follow the attached steps. Remember that these iCal entries are the due dates...please help your child to plan accordingly.

Valley Christian High School's Athletic Department is proud to recognize Sophomore Akil Jones as Warrior of the Week.

Click here to find out who the speakers are for the month of October.

Click here to see who the speakers are for October.

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With the addition of the new Visual Arts classrooms on the top floor of the Conservatory building, several new classes in ceramics were added. Students are amazed by the new ceramics space, equipment, and the new kiln.

Jeremiah 18:6: "Family of Israel, you know that I can do the same thing with you. You are like the clay in the potter's hands, and I am the potter."

The first required meeting for Theatre and Theatrical Design & Technology (Tech Theatre) majors and minors is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2, at 2:30pm, right after school. This will be a short, (less than 30 min) kick-off meeting. Attendance will be taken.

Sporting a 5-0 record, a VC tournament Championship, and a team GPA of 3.66 the Junior High Softball team served over 60 young players last Wednesday.

"Excellence in education matters and we should honor the schools that are leading the way" - U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

This past weekend the varsity girls volleyball team traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the Durango Fall Classic featuring National level teams from 7 different states!

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Seventh Grade Life Science

The VCJH Math Club has now entered into its fourth week! At Tuesday’s meeting, fifty students determined to “Embrace the Challenge” and join the award winning team!

Math Club is a fun and intellectually challenging environment where students encourage each other to do their best, to push beyond easy answers, to think creatively, and to find solutions. With guidance, each child is able to grow and build a stronger foundation in math studies. Students are also recognized positively for their accomplishments and are celebrated for who they are and how God uniquely designed them to be.

Our Club is open to all Junior High students. Students are exposed to a variety of math activities and competitions.

Our Club is closely affiliated with Valley Christian’s Senior High School club and participates in competitions at grade level along with the high school. Our clubs and associations have links to other nationally recognized ins

Christina Glebova placed 2nd at the NCGA Junior Tour event at Haggin Oaks Golf Club. Follow the link to read the story.

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