What does my child need in order to tryout for an after school sport?

ALL Students interested in playing an after school sport MUST submit a completed physical form turned into the athletic office.  This form can be found at www.gowarriors.net by clicking on "Junior High" then "Tryouts" .

Is there a cost to participate in an after school sport?

Yes. The participation fee is $75 per sport for the 1st two sports and the 3rd sport is free in a given year.

Are there sign-ups for competing in an after school sport?

Yes. A mandatory meeting will be scheduled prior to the 1st day of tryouts that each student needs to attend. Meeting and tryout dates will be posted on our website and announced in the daily bulletin. Athletes will sign up at the meeting and report to tryouts for the days listed.  A student can also sign up for a particular sport by sending an email to agill@warriorlife.net at least 1 week in advance of the start date.

When do tryouts begin? Where are they posted?

Tryout dates are posted on the Homepage of the JH Athletic website. Please visit www.gowarriors.net and click on "Junior High" then "Tryouts".

Where can I get a copy of game schedules?

Athletic schedules are  posted on the Athletic Website at www.gowarriors.net Keep in mind schedules DO change, so when in doubt call the Athletic Office at 408-513-2522 to confirm dates, times and locations for games. You will also receive a complete practice schedule at the start of the season.

When is practice? How long is practice?

Practice is typically Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 3:15-5:00. Some practices end at 4:30 or 5:30 depending on the start time and team. No Friday, Saturday or Sunday practices/games unless approved by the Junior High AD.

Where can I get directions to AWAY games?

Maps are available on the athletic website www.gowarriors.net  Click on "Junior High" then "Directions"

Where can I find information regarding, athletic philosophy, academic requirements and athletic offerings?

We have a “Students and Parents” handbook that is available on the athletic website www.gowarriors.net Click on "Junior High" then "Handbook"

Is there an opportunity for parents to meet the coaches?

Yes! At the start of each season there is a parents meeting for each team. This is a great opportunity to meet your son/daughters coach, learn about their expectations and ask questions. Dates and times for these meetings will be sent in an email to parents.

How are players selected for a particular team?

Each sport takes a minimum of 2 days of tryouts to assess each student’s skill level and overall character traits. Then, the coaches maximize their team roster by choosing the best players based on their evaluation from tryouts.

How many players make each team?

It is our goal to keep as many players as possible. Listed below is the average number of players that typically make each team offered by VCJH. 6 th, 7th & 8th Girls Volleyball: 10-12 per team 6 th, 7th & 8th Flag Football: 18-25 per team Softball: 12-15 per team Cross Country: Unlimited 6 th, 7th, & 8th Girls Basketball: 12-15 per team 6 th, 7th, & 8th Boys Basketball: 12-15 per team Wrestling: Unlimited Girls Soccer: 15-22 per team Boys Soccer: 15-22 per team Spring Girls Volleyball: 12-15 per team Spring Boys Volleyball: 12-15 per team Track and Field: Unlimited Tennis: Unlimited Golf: 12 per team

Does VCJH offer any Non-Cut Sports?

Yes! Cross Country, Wrestling and Track-n-Field and Tennis.  All other questions can be answered by calling the athletic office at 408-513-2522 or checking out the Athletic Handbook located on www.gowarriors.net
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