Admission to Valley Christian Junior High School is a 5-step process

1. Complete application. The application includes the following:

    • Application Form filled out online by parent(s)
    • $70 application fee (non-refundable)
    • Student Questionnaire, including Essay, filled out online by the student
    • Report cards
    • Most recent Standardized Test scores
    • Educator’s Recommendation Form 
    • Math Educator's Placement Form 
    • English Recommendation Form 
    • Clergy Recommendation Form or Parent/Guardian Statement
    • Student Immunization Record
    • Birth Certificate

Instructions for each part of the application are explained thoroughly below as well as online after the Application Form is completed and the application fee is paid.

2. Admissions Committee assessment of applicants

3. Student/Parent interview as needed

4. Admissions committee decision mailed home

5. Online enrollment

Valley Christian Schools retains the discretion to modify or end the admissions process for applicants due to specific factors or deficits in their applications. 

Application Instructions


A non-refundable application fee of $70 must be paid, via credit card, to ensure the application form is submitted for review by our admissions committee.


Our online application form consists of 5 pages:   Student, Family, Siblings,  Health, and Financial.

Student – when completing the student portion of the application the STUDENT’S information is to be input NOT the parent’s information.

Family - Although information for only one parent is required, we ask that the information for both parents be completed. A statement regarding the student’s education must also be completed       

Siblings - This section should be completed if families have other children applying, other children that are currently attending Valley Christian or have a child or children that have graduated from Valley Christian.  

Health - the questions focus on physical handicaps, as well as physical and emotional illness. Applicants are to make us aware of ALL learning differences, learning difficulties and any academic support or accommodations the student is currently receiving or has received in the past.

Financial - Much of the information asked, is for record-keeping purposes and is NOT used to determine whether or not an applicant is accepted. Applicants will be asked about financial aid. Keep in mind responding “yes” will not place applicants on a financial aid list.   A separate financial aid application must be completed.

All of the application pages must be completed for EACH applicant. Do not leave any required boxes blank

Student Questionnaire

A questionnaire and essay must be completed by the student and all questions must be answered before submitting. Once the questionnaire is submitted changes cannot be made.

Teacher Recommendations

Three recommendations are required to complete the application process.   All three recommendations must be completed. If the student has one teacher for all subjects. That teacher is to complete all three recommendations.

The first recommendation, the Educator’s Recommendation, must be completed by the student’s current year teacher. The next two recommendations, Math Recommendation and English Recommendation, are subject-specific and must be completed by the student’s current Math teacher and current English teacher. Applicants must email a link to the student’s teacher, from whom they are requesting the recommendation, to allow the teacher to access the recommendation. After the teacher completes and submits the recommendation, it will be automatically loaded into the student’s application.

Clergy Recommendation or Parent Statement

If families are a member of a church, attend church regularly and are heavily involved in church activities, a clergy recommendation must be submitted. The Clergy recommendation link should be emailed to the pastor, priest, current Sunday School teacher or church leader. Once completed and submitted the recommendation will be automatically loaded into the student’s application.

If families are not members of a church and do not attend church, parents are to submit a parent statement in lieu of the clergy recommendation.   The parent statement must include spiritual goals, for the student, as well as comments regarding the student’s receipt of a Christian based education.

Birth Certificate

Upload the students birth certificate. A passport may be uploaded if the birth certificate is not available.

Students Immunization Records

Students' current immunization records are to be uploaded.

Immunization reminders:

  • If a student has not been immunized, they should be immunized as soon as possible.
  • If a student has not been immunized for medical reasons, the physician’s note must be uploaded in lieu of the immunization record. The physician’s note must be current.
  • If a student will be entering 7th or 8th grade, the Tdap booster must be included in their immunization record.
  • Lack of immunizations for personal or religious beliefs is not acceptable.

 When uploading immunization records of multiple pages, the pages must be scanned as a single document before uploading, not as individual documents. If one document is uploaded and then a second document uploaded, an error message will be generated indicating the file has been replaced and only one document can be uploaded per item.  

Standardized Test Scores

Standardized test scores represent the results from standardized test such as Map, Caaspp, ERB, Terra Nova, IOWA, SSAT, ISEE, Stanford, Star, and ISA. Upload the most current test, which usually represents the test administered in the spring of the prior school year.

When uploading test scores of multiple pages, the pages must be scanned as a single document before uploading, not as individual documents. If one document is uploaded and then a second document uploaded, an error message will be generated indicating the file has been replaced and only one document can be uploaded per item.  

Current Year Report Card or Progress Report

Upload the student’s current year report card. If the student’s report card will not be released prior to the application deadline, the students current progress report should be uploaded.

Prior Year’s Full Report Card

Upload the student’s prior year’s full report card.   The report card must include grades/assessments for all grading periods of the year.  

  • Elementary School 1450 Leigh Avenue
  • San Jose, CA 95125 408.559.4400 FAX: 408.559.4022
  • Junior High 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 130
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2460 FAX: 408.513.2472
  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2400 FAX: 408.513.2527
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