Who are you outside of the classroom?

Student clubs are an essential part of the high school experience. They provide a fun way to make friends while developing new skills and learning more about yourself.

Club involvement is also a great way to build a well-rounded college application. Colleges care about what you have done outside of the classroom during high school. Your extracurricular involvement tells colleges who you are and what you might bring to their community.

Club offerings change each year, following the shifting interests of the student body. Starting a club or getting involved in an existing club is important to help define your role as part of the Warrior Nation community. So bring your talents and interests and help build the friendly, fun, service-oriented environment at Valley Christian High School.

VCHS club involvement lets you show your:

  • Desire to learn and grow outside of class
  • Participation in the campus community
  • Commitment to service
  • Sense of social responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Leadership

Abolitionist Society

The Abolitionist Society’s mission involves helping each club member understand human trafficking from a Christian perspective, spreading awareness on campus, and ultimately making a tangible impact in the community. 

Badminton Club

 The Badminton Club brings new and experienced badminton players together to enjoy the sport of badminton on campus and to raise money to donate to charities dedicated to promoting the sport.  

Business Club

Business Club members develop a sense of confidence through engaging in social enterprise activities that have real impact in the community. The club seeks to build life skills such as problem solving, leadership, teamwork, time management and financial literacy.      

Chess Club

The Chess Club seeks to improve problem solving and critical thinking through the development of chess skills and the development of personal relationships.   

Cooking Club

The Cooking Club enriches the cooking culture and knowledge of cuisine among our students. The Club also participates in fundraising and distributes food to the socio-economically disadvantaged.  

Cool Beans Coffee Club

The Cool Beans Coffee Club supports and encourages the student body to enjoy our coffee culture and to learn about coffee from around the world. The club also actively promotes an understanding of fair trade issues.

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club provides writers with a supportive environment where they can freely discuss their writing while receiving constructive criticism from their peers. The club also participates in writing competitions and seeks to glorify God through writing achievements. 


The DECA Club is a business start-up club that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

National English Honor Society

The National English Honor Society nurtures the love of English through educational and fulfilling activities that enable students to develop their English skills. The club also seeks to develop the understanding of famous authors and their works. 

Fashion Club

The Fashion Club provides students with the tools to be involved in the fashion industry. The Fashion Club conducts a Spring Fashion Show that is highly successful in raising money for charity.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The FCA presents coaches, athletes, and everyone they influence with the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Students are encouraged to understand the unique way God wants to use athletes to influence the world.

French Club

The French Club seeks to expand the knowledge of French culture and raises money for the youth of French-speaking Africa through the organization, Reach Africa. 

Guerrilla Film Society

The Guerrilla Film Society exists to be a blessing to the campus through cinematography fellowship. The Society seeks to educate students about the world of film by exposing them to new films and by helping them critically analyze cinematic offerings.   

Hip Hop Club

The Hip Hop Club is a high-energy group of students who love to dance. The club is dedicated to providing a stress-free environment for students to connect to God and dance. 

Interact Club

The Interact Club promotes service above self and provides students with service opportunities in our community. They attend leadership conferences and are committed to seeing student leaders rise up to serve.

International Club

The International Club presents all students with the opportunity to educate the Valley community on the rich cultures and traditions of their home countries.

Latin Honors Society

The Latin Honors Society promotes the classics and an appreciation for all things from the Latin world. The club meets to encourage students to enjoy and fellowship about Latin.     

Law Club

The Law Club exposes students to the legal process and gives them an understanding of law. Students observe the legal system through courtroom visits and guest speakers who explain the role of lawyers in our nation.  

Lighthouse Christian Club

The Lighthouse Christian Club seeks to strengthen the faith of students on campus by reaching out to others through a variety of community activities. Those activities include adopting families at Christmas and Thanksgiving, honoring first responders, and raising funds to help people around the world.   

Love in Action Club

The Love in Action Club works to educate children in Indonesia about serious parasitical diseases. The Love in Action Club is partnering with the Conservatory to take musicians to Indonesia who will perform and work with children with parasitical diseases.

Missions Club

The Missions Club gives students the opportunity to learn about and visit other cultures. Members of the club have the chance to visit other countries and participate in missions trips. Projects include construction, working with children, and community development.    

Mu Alpha Theta Math Honors Society

Mu Alpha is the National High School and Two Year College Mathematics Honor Society. Students participate in many local, national, and international math competitions. They are equipped to become leaders who serve God and their math teammates and make a positive impact on their community. 

National Art Honor Society

The National Art Honor Society promotes the glory of God through the creation of artwork that reflects that glory. Students use art to positively influence the student body and the community.   

Nu Delta Alpha

Nu Delta Alpha takes dance awareness to the next level on our campus. The club helps dancers connect with each other and promotes an environment where dance is encouraged and appreciated.    

Radio Club

The Radio Club develops the talents of students interested in broadcasting. Students learn the art of communication in an up-to-date studio, and get hands-on experience in all aspects of the broadcasting industry.  


The Race2Educate works with students to make a difference in the world, promote leadership skills, encourage cultural awareness, and to give education to children in need. 

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club strives to encourage Spanish speakers at Valley Christian to appreciate the Hispanic culture and language. Students meet weekly to encourage one another and to seek ways to take the Word of God to people in Spanish.  

Speech and Debate Club

The Speech and Debate Club promotes effective speech training for all students and has seen progressive improvement among high school members.  


Serving the African Kids (STAK) is in its sixth year serving the children of South Africa. Students raise money for projects relating to the children and then visit South Africa every year. Students in STAK actively bring the love of God to the people of South Africa by providing clothing, food, education, and construction.  

Strategic Gaming Club

The SGC gives students the opportunity to play the latest games and fellowship with other gamers.   

Support Our Troops Club

The Support Our Troops Club gives back to those who lay down their lives for our country and for us. The club provides letters, support, and prayer. Cards, letters, and packages are sent to our troops around the world.  

VC Appreciation Club

The VC Appreciation Club recognizes the hard work that the faculty, staff, and employees do for Valley Christian. The Club looks to reward and encourage the people who work hard to help in the Quest for Excellence.  

VC Beatz

The VCB Club teaches the proper techniques of music production and recording, and works with students to enhance their musical talents.

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