Student Support Services

Acknowledging that each child is uniquely created by God, endowed with a variety of talents and skills, and capable of learning, we believe it is our responsibility to offer specialized programs to enable students to reach their fullest potential. From classroom support by the teacher to one-on-one sessions, VCES  provides a full range of services to support all students at their individual levels of learning.

Specialized One-on-One Programs: 

Search and Teach

These one-on-one activities are professionally designed and sequenced to correct a student’s weak learning area (seeing, hearing, touching, etc.) that affects his or her ability to learn as rapidly and successfully as other students. When someone is very weak in one area, it affects the ability to learn efficiently. This program is designed to help kindergarten and first grade students who struggle in a specific skill area. Recommendations are based on the results of the individual screening given to all kindergarten students. Research shows that children who demonstrate weaknesses in the areas screened by the “Search” instrument are at risk of having reading problems in their later school years; therefore, early intervention is key to preventing unnecessary academic struggles.

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Discovery Center

Educational therapy is a supplementary program established to help students with learning differences who have experienced frustration and/or failure in school. Under the direction of the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD), educational therapy uses intervention techniques in one-to-one educational sessions. The focus of each intense, individualized session is continual stimulation and strengthening of deficits in perception and cognition as related to basic skills and problem solving, all within a safe learning environment. This program is non-tutorial in nature, as the emphasis is on teaching students how to process information, develop strategies for problem solving, and apply these techniques in the classroom.

Here are links to some videos displaying some techniques we use:

Rhythmic Writing Figure Eights

Barton Reading and Spelling

Sequential and specific instruction is tailored to the student’s individual needs through this one-on-one systematic, multi-sensory instruction in phonics, spelling, and reading. Barton Reading and Spelling is Orton-Gillingham influenced and designed to improve spelling, reading accuracy, and fluency. Students that struggle in reading (decoding) and spelling greatly benefit from this program.

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Making Math Real/Math Assistance Program

This one-on-one systematic, multi-sensory instruction in math includes key math concepts and the four basic operations. This program incorporates Making Math Real-based methods and strategies to assist first through fifth grade students who have difficulty keeping up with grade level math. Instruction is tailored to strengthen specific areas of math that the student finds particularly challenging.

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Mentoring and Coaching

This program partners with parents to find solutions that allow students to reach their God-given potential. Depending on the specific challenges of the student, a mentor or coach may focus on life skills, study skills, and/or engaging necessary teacher support. A coach provides academic accountability and cultivates vital organizational and time management skills. Due to the personal nature of the relationship, a coach is able to provide invaluable insight to our teachers regarding how to effectively accommodate the student in the classroom.

Other Student Support Services

  • Computer Reading Program (Kurzweil)
  • Digital Instruction Programs
  • Classroom accommodations
  • In-class support
  • Summer programs*
  • Peer tutors
  • Individualized academic assessment*
  • Referral service for psychological testing*
  • Referral service for tutoring
  • On-campus tutoring*
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Cursive immersion 

*Fee may be assessed

Additional Services (For students enrolled in Student Support)

  • Classroom modifications as needed
  • Grading considerations
  • Ongoing therapist-teacher interactions
  • Annual assessments
  • Annual conferences
  • Parent support network


Tuition for the Student Support Services is an additional expense beyond regular tuition.

  • Elementary School 1450 Leigh Avenue
  • San Jose, CA 95125 408.559.4400 FAX: 408.559.4022
  • Junior High 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 130
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2460 FAX: 408.513.2472
  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2400 FAX: 408.513.2527
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