Admissions & Placement Testing 

Taking the Admissions & Placement Testing is a vital part of completing the application into 9th grade at Valley Christian High School, and is included in the application fee. Transfer students applying to grades 10-12 do not take this testing. All families pre-register their child before arriving on the test date. 

Pre-register, online, for the test by clicking on the “Register Here” button below. For question contact Alana James, Admissions Coordinator, at, 408-513-2512.

Admissions & Placement Testing Dates for 2019-2020:

What does the test cover?

This test is a unique series of sub-tests for VCHS, similar to grade level achievement tests, such as the Stanford 9, Terra Nova, or Iowa tests. Our testing consists of sub-tests in reading comprehension, writing/composition, science, and math. All tests are multiple choice. The HSPT test, often used by Catholic high schools, is not permitted as a substitute for taking the VCHS testing.

Does my child need special preparation for these tests?

No. The tests cover basic skills learned through middle school. The best preparation for a student is to do his/her best in general learning at his/her current school, day in and day out; this includes increasing reading comprehension, formulating essays, mastering math at each grade level, etc. The tests are timed and we do not allow extended exam times to complete these tests (although students with IEP or 504 educational plans may qualify for additional testing times in VCHS classes during the school year).

What do I bring to the test?

All testing materials are provided by VCHS. Students may bring water or a snack for the testing break, but may not consume these during the test. Students are not permitted to use calculators during the math testing. Students should wear comfortable clothing for the testing.

How are these tests used for admissions and placement purposes?

Typically, a low test score or series of scores does not automatically disqualify a student for admission to VCHS. Instead, these scores are evaluated along with the application grades over the last two years, standardized test scores, and educator recommendations to try to ascertain the individual student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, and to discover if there is an effective educational match with VCHS academics. Once a student has been accepted into VCHS, these same scores are used by our academic counselors, along with middle school grades, to qualify students for 9th grade honors classes in math, science, English or history.




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