Dress Code

Valley Christian Schools bases its dress code upon two criteria: Biblical standards (I Timothy 2:9, Romans 12:1) and the desire for a neat, clean and attractive appearance. Dress should be distinctly masculine or feminine and students are not permitted to dress like the opposite sex (Deuteronomy 22:5).

The purpose of Valley Christian Schools’ dress code is to promote Christian unity among students and to avoid a segmented student body based on distinctive cultural or religious attire. This purpose disallows attire representing images, messages or traditions that are inconsistent with Christian faith.

Exceptions are not granted for religious or cultural reasons. Students should dress in such a way that would not detract from the success of Valley Christian Schools’ mission statement.


  • Modest appearance, including clothing with a moderately loose fit.
  • Students are to wear closed toe shoes at all times. Crocks or casual shoes without heel straps are not permitted.
  • Socks or hosiery must be worn at all times by elementary students.
  • Counter-cultural fads of dress or hairstyles with extreme cuts or unnatural colors must be avoided. (e.g. rock music groups)
  • Sweat pants, warm ups, flip-flops and recreational clothing are not permitted.
  • Garments must be free of ALL slogans (for example: Angel, Special, #1 etc.) or pictures/characters (for example: Dragons, Bratz, Pokemon, Disney Princess, etc.), and in good repair, etc.
  • Small, brand name store logos are acceptable if they are no larger than 1” high and across.
  • Camouflage/fatigues, peace signs and tie-dyed clothing of any type are not appropriate for school.
  • Faded or patched jeans are not allowed; however, nice jeans are acceptable. All pants, shorts and skirts must be hemmed. No frayed edges allowed.
  • Appropriate zip-up sweatshirts or pullovers are permitted. Valley Christian Warrior Wear Sweatshirts are always acceptable. Warrior Wear T-shirts are permitted at all times.
  • Backpacks, lunchboxes and shoes are the ONLY items permitted to have characters on them. 


  • Dresses, skirts, capris or nice pants (jeans included), and blouses or sweaters are standard school wear. Skirts and dresses must be modest and no shorter than three inches above the knee. (Absolutely no midriff showing at any time).
  • Shorts should be worn under dresses or skirts for play on the equipment.
  • Leggings may be worn as tights with an appropriate skirt or shorts.
  • Shorts (solid colors and plaid only) are permitted if they meet the length requirement for
  • skirts and dresses, which is no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. No board shorts, basketball shorts, sport shorts, or bike shorts are allowed.
  • No dangling or hoop earrings for elementary school girls. This poses a safety hazard. Please remember, we are unable to remove your child’s earrings, so please be sure that they can tend to their earrings themselves.
  • Narrow straps (straps should be at least 2”), backless attire, crop tops and halter-type necklines are not permitted.
  • School uniforms may be worn at any time. Navy blue or khaki uniform shorts, skorts or long pants with a plain solid white, red or blue polo shirt may be worn any time during the school year. 


  • Shirts with collars or buttons down the front and T-shirts without collars are both appropriate. No undershirts or slogans of any kind allowed.
  • Jeans, slacks, and shorts (solid colors and plaid only) are acceptable. Shorts must be no more than 3 inches from the middle of the knee. No board shorts, basketball shorts, sport shorts, or bike shorts allowed. No baggy or sloppy-looking clothes.
  • Socks are required at all times.
  • Hair must not extend below the middle of the ear, over the eyes, or over the top of the shirt collar.
  • Sideburns must be no lower than the bottom of the ear. Designs should not be cut into the sides or into the back of the hair (no tails or mohawks).
  • Earrings are not allowed.
  • School uniforms—including navy blue or khaki shorts with a plain solid white, red, or blue polo shirt or appropriate button-down shirt—may be worn at any time during the school year. 

Dress Code Enforcement: VCS reserves the right to make the final decision in regard to dress. Students may be withheld from class when not in proper dress and the missed class time is not excused. Parental review and support before a student leaves for school are important aspects of meeting dress code standards. A student’s first dress code violation will result in a written warning. It is also sometimes necessary to call a parent and have him/her bring appropriate clothing for the student, while the student waits in the office. Repeated violations of the dress code in a school year may result in a referral. Students whose attire does not meet standards at a school function may be asked to leave. 


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  • Junior High 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 130
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  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
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