Junior High Athletics Testimonials

High School Athletics Testimonials

"A real highlight for me was winning the CIF/CCS baseball championship my senior year. It feels great to say that I threw a no-hitter in my last high school game to win the championship I had been looking forward to for four years! But I have also learned that athletics is another way of worshipping God and that hopefully I can inspire my teammates… or anyone I can reach out to, so that they can also know Him." (VC student)

"I think the most important thing I've learned in VCHS athletics is the athletics theme of my freshman year. The theme was servanthood. It taught me a lot about being a servant to God and to my teammates. Being the person to carry water, or whatever is necessary to help out, really helps build character, and also betters relationships with other players and coaches. I went on to become a co-founder of the school's SOCKs club. This is a club where we volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, bringing activities to kids and their families recovering from cancer." (VC student)

"I have learned time management and God has shown me in so many ways that hard work and dedication will always bring you success, even if you don't always win. VC's Athletics Department has been so supportive in always making sure that I was settled in, confident, and comfortable in every overnight trip and situation that I was in. Through these sports and through this department, God has opened so many doors and paths for me that I would not otherwise have been able to see." (VC student)

"I compete in our basketball and track & field programs. I love being an athlete, but I also love reporting football and basketball games. Over my years at Valley Christian, I have been heavily involved in the communications department. I try to cover as many games as I can during the year for our school newspaper. But I have also learned that practicing with the team isn't enough. You owe it to your teammates and spectators to practice on your own to get better and work on the weakness to your individual game." (VC student)

"Our varsity basketball team every year stays overnight in our gymnasium, playing basketball and bonding all through the night. The next morning we wake up early to run hills, and at the top of the mountain we talk about our goals and aspirations for the year. The sports program at Valley Christian truly works to establish the importance of character. The program takes young men and instills them with the values of hard work, discipline, punctuality, selflessness, and service. While these values are evident in players on the basketball team, these values translate to success in our lives off the court, with our families, friends, and in our communities." (VC student)




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