Missions Assembly and Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are on Their Way!
Posted 11/18/2016 03:00PM

On Friday, November 18, VCJH gathered in the Main Gym for the Annual Missions Assembly! The students arrived to see a beautiful Christmas Tree and copious amounts of shoeboxes tidily stacked in red and green. There was a student-led prayer and a video about CityTeam Ministries. Mr. Michael Smith shared about his work with the homeless and the hungry at CityTeam. He said that he is privileged to help in the rehabilitation process of people like James Alvarado. 

Mr. Alvarado shared a warm "Hello There!" Then, he said that his truest identity is as a child of God - and about that 10 years ago he himself was homeless. This was a bit shocking to the students as he looked very well kept. He explained that he had been living in the back of an RV truck and his low moment came one morning when he woke up thirsty to discover that his water bottle was frozen solid. When he went to CityTeam, his hope was restored and he invited Jesus back into his life. The unbelievable happened - his family came back into his life and his health returned as he swore off drugs and alcohol. After five years sober, he was married, and now he even has a child! He thanked Valley Christian for their service to the men and women who have been in similar situations to his.

The projector then switched to a video highlighting the donations that the students gathered. A couple of students shared and then all the Socktober socks were lugged out in large grey bins! A student prayed over the socks and for CityTeam Ministries. Mr. Smith and Mr. Alvarado came again to the mic and said "Thank you!" then prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. The students closed the assembly with an a capella version of "Joy to the World!"

Following the assembly, the Christian Ministry Training students packed the shoeboxes in vans and took them to Foxworthy Baptist Church!

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